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Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Thoughts About the Telly

There have been times when I feel left out whenever colleagues would talk about last night's episode of [insert tv show here]. Clueless, I could only give them a shrug and simply say, "I'm sorry but I don't watch tv." And I leave it there. Still, nothing can budge me to turn on the tube even when everyone is already down with it.

I gave up the habit of watching tv a long time ago. TV is boring. Yeah, sue me. But really, I don't think it does any good to me, unless gaining weight from watching too much tv while munching on snacks counts. Everything is so cliched and unoriginal that tv networks (yes, you, local ones) come up with nothing but bullsh*t. I would rather do that hellish 5-km uphill bike ride (that I surprisingly did earlier. challenge accepted and succeeded woot!) than endure a 10-minute same old, predictable, worthless, lame-ass and overrated drama on tv with commercials in between that constantly insult the audience by reminding you that you're not pretty enough and still lure you out to buy their sh*t. The media feed us crap. It is poisoning. Really.

What TV can do
This is so true. Unfortunately. Image Source
The only time that I watch tv is during the World Cup season, or when the tv in our office pantry is on during break times, or when I am with Jan and we watch shows and documentaries from National Geographic or Discovery Channel - which I fervently enjoy - for once a week at most. Anything else, when I'm free from errands and house chores or when the little one isn't around, I sit down and read a good book, or go biking, or just space-out and mull over my thoughts (oo, magtanga lang).

I love good movies and tv series though but they are few and far between. Burn Notice, Psych, Dexter, and Suits to name (and recommend) some (although I don't really watch them on tv). Nothing, I repeat, nothing is wrong with watching tv as long as you watch the right stuff. And I still crave for information, so I don't really welcome the idea of ditching the tv completely out of my system. Still, I think I have got to be proud of myself. It has been a tremendously long time since I got my butt glued on the couch and my life couldn't have been any better. :)

Now watching: Gokusen Season 1.


  1. I stopped watching tv since Nov 2011. Unfortunately, unlike you I don't do anything productive on my free time- I play computer. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Diablo has taken all my time. I like to think that this is my way of "de-stressing" however. As I have a high stress job. I've stopped recently though. Not because I wanted to but because I've relocated and I didn't bring my computer with me. I just sleep all the time now. And do my chores. And read.hehe

    1. Wow. That's a pretty long time. I think I stopped watching late 2012 when tv shows got less interesting. At least, you still have a way to destress. And Im glad to know that reading is one of them. :)