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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Allowing Your Kids to Choose What They Wear

I know I have already expressed my standpoint regarding talking in public, by public, I mean the internet, about my son. But since I know I will be making a point here, I think it wouldn't hurt if I share a little bit about him. Pictures are, of course, limited even though he's got hundreds of ootd posts that are really worth sharing.


I am no fashionista. But my son was. Or at least, that's what I made him become. I dressed him in any way I wanted him to without having to hear those solid "NOs" from him; well, he was only a baby after all. Before #ootd posts became mainstream, I got one stylish little man right here.
On Red: Cherokee Rock Tee. Converse Chuck Taylor Psychedelic Shoes.
Gingersnaps shirt. Zara pants. Nike t90 shoes.
Ralph Lauren tee. Adio skate shoes.
Yes, he was dressed beyond his years. In fact, he was even featured on minihipster because he's got style. Or should I say, his mommy's got style. Haha. Perhaps, I was just regressing - trying to make up what I was not and what will not be. He's my perfect subject for that matter. Or maybe, motherhood just caught me off guard. That instinct of only wanting the best (and cute) for your child comes naturally. Well, I would like to believe it was both.

As much as I still want to dress him up, Red is now five and is starting to practice independence by refusing to wear what I want him to wear and deciding on his own. Most of the time, he insists on wearing his favorite Captain America costume just everywhere, even at the malls. But who am I to say no? He has strong opinions about his own preferences. And I think it's a pretty good thing because it allows him to express himself and it fosters style and creativity - even though it looks silly sometimes. But hey, toddlers, even when wearing mismatched clothes and ridiculous costumes, look cute anyway.
Just one of those days. :)
Allowing our children's individuality to outweigh our personal preference, shows our respect and trust to their little decisions (a big thing for them), which is a starting factor in building that self-esteem. But we also have to understand when to draw the line. There is a limit, of course, on how much we allow them. As parents, we know better what is appropriate and what is not. We are here to guide them make reasonable choices without taking the little autonomy they have. If your child starts being vocal about what to wear, don't fret, it only means that he/she's growing up. :)
Why do kids have to grow up so fast? :(

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