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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Straight is out. Curl is in.

So I decided to get a digital perm. Why? Wala lang. Just for the hell of it. Haha. I haven't really pondered on it. A rash decision as a matter of fact, but not as impulsive as I was before.  I thought that hair looked good. Turns out, it was a disaster. Perhaps it is with the way I carried myself that it never crossed my mind that it was bad until I have these really beautiful curls right now (at least, that's what I think). I have gone through a hair catastrophe and not even a single second have I agonized about it. Which is a good thing. Haha.

Anyway, I took a snapshot of myself before I bade goodbye to my straight hair then whispered a little prayer to the patron saint of hair hoping this time perming won't be a disaster.
I spent a roughly three butt-numbing hours to get this done. I have never been inside a salon this long. Three effin hours is too long especially for someone who goes to the salon just to get the hair trimmed and that was it. What would I do without the free wi-fi? I was spared from getting killed by boredom. And thanks to my heaven-sent boyfriend for saving me from starvation. Before you cast that glare on me, I didn't make Jan wait that long, okay? So chill.

Anyway, while I was at the salon, I've been watching women come and go, noticing how different they look the moment they walk out the door. I just realized girls just can't be happy, can we? Well, I know there's a fine line between necessity and vanity. This, for me, is just a simple yet expensive case of vanity. I don't like that I spent a hefty amount of money for this but I am absolutely loving every freakin kink and curl on it... I can't complain. Woot! :)
digital perm
After I came home from the salon. :)
So the only challenge I have right now is how to keep these curls look like it's fresh from the salon (if that is even possible). Haha. Wish me luck! ;)

For those who are asking where I got my hair done, it's at Hairs & Nails Salon (at Citi Tri), C.M. Recto St., near Ateneo.