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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lazy Long Weekend

Long weekend. What was I up to?

Today's toughts.
Can I just skip introductions?

Semi-kulot life.
One month and one week of having a curly hair and I'm definitely loving every bit of it. Especially now that the curls are starting to loosen up giving defined waves instead of those corkscrew locks I had during the first few weeks. I would like to think the waves are just perfect for my incoming beach escapades this summer. I love that it doesn't really need a lot of pampering and I think I have only combed my hair twice since I had it permed. I can actually get out of the house even when I just got out of bed and sport that messy hair look without effort. Haha
Actually, I stopped using curl defining lotion because it makes my hair really curly. And I don't really put a lot of time scrunching my hair after bath. So for the past two weeks, my hair has been living with conditioner and occasional shampooing alone. And I love that the products I'm using deliver pretty well in keeping my hair from getting frizzy and dry. They deserve positive reviews - which I will be writing after I come back from Camiguin. Let's see how my hair will manage after a week of staying under the sun and getting soaked in salt water.

Stinky socks.
How do you deal with stinky socks? Simple. You throw them away.

Yep, that's what we did. Jan and I decided to go rollerblading at Magsaysay Park the other night just because we wanted to try it out. How bad is it to see couples in their 30s to go skating along with teens and kids? Haha. The last time I skated was way back 1999 when I was a high school freshman. Surprisingly, we still know how to skate. We didn't consume the hour we paid for though because the skates we rented cracked from falling just once and we're too lazy to have it replaced and waste another fifteen minutes of just putting it on.
Still enjoyed it though :)
And not only that, what would you expect when you rent an inline skate that's been used a thousand times by different people, eh? Damn. We almost puked at the stench. Ugh. NEVER AGAIN. Too bad I had to say goodbye to an authentic Ralph Lauren socks because it's just too nasty and I want to save my feet from smelling badly. On the brighter side, socks are readily available at the sidewalks - you get 3 for only 50 pesos. Haha.

Kulas in Camiguin.
A few hours after skating, Jan and I talked about my trip to Camiguin this coming week and all of a sudden I wished to meet Kulas.  A few hours later, Kulas posted this:
I hope to see you in Camiguin, Kulas!
Kulas is one of the people that I really admire for his adventurous soul and for having a Pinoy heart even bigger than half the pure-blooded Filipinos you meet. Aside from the getaway per se, it is actually hoping to meet Kulas that made me more excited about the said trip to Camiguin.

Kids ask the darndest questions.
I was watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (for the nth time, yes) and Red suddenly asked me one question after another.

R: Mommy, bakit lumilipad ang broom?
Me: Kasi may magic.
R: Paano nagkamagic?

I was dumbfounded. I think it would have been easier if he asked me what magic is. But his knowledge about magic is way better than mine as his imagination is still wide and limitless. And I am definitely astounded by the way he can differentiate make-believe from reality at an early age.

So now the big question is, how do I actually explain to a five-year-old how broomsticks can fly without going through the details of how they were bewitched by witches and wizards in the 963 A.D.? Note: logic plays an important role here. Because if not, I will be bombarded with questions that are most likely difficult to answer.

Here's another one.
R: Mommy, bakit malaki ang ears at nose nya?
Me: *thinking*
R: Ah, para hindi mahulog eyeglasses nya. Diba Mommy noh?
Me: (for the lack of better answer) Yes. Tama ka.
R: Mali ka man. Hindi kasi siya tao. Ganyan pagkagawa sa kanya.

Oo nga naman.

Clearly, I underestimated his wit. I don't think I can ever win an argument with a child.

Game of Thrones.
Games of Thrones everywhere.

And I haven't watched a single episode.

Not yet.
I love this poster btw. Image Source
While everyone is frantic and ecstatic about GoT's Season 5 leaked episodes, I'm just here sitting, watching another Harry Potter movie.

After all this time?


(Oh the feels only a Potterhead can understand.)

So this is how you get attached to your gizmo.

What's your camera's name?


Pangalan ng camera mo.

Alam ko. Nakakaintindi ako ng English.

So ano nga ang pangalan ng camera mo?

All this time I thought people only name their cars. I never knew cameras, or any gadget for that matter are given names.

I asked some friends who are gadget-freaks and read a couple of blogs to validate that absurdity and yes, they have given human names to their cameras, phones, and whatnot. I know it sounds crazy, but it might be something I will think about.

Now what should I name this sleek little baby?
I am assuming the camera's a he. I am thinking of naming him, Lestat, Kratos, Yoda, or Fox - after my fourth favorite animal because it would be weird if I name this Dog, Panda, or Penguin. Haha. How about Hiro or Four? So original noh? Hmmm. I think I'll just leave it as it is. And if I were to name this I have to name my phone, my tripod, my headlamp, and my spork too, which are all equally important to my adventures and getaways. Haha.

On a second thought, just forget it. I don't think I like getting caught up in situations like, "Hey, let's hit the beach. I'll be bringing Jack with me." "Who's Jack?" And I'll have to go through a tedious process of explaining why I named my gadget as such. Nah. I'm also awful at naming things. So why bother?

Today's thoughts.
Can I skip conclusions too?

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