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Monday, June 15, 2015

Routine is Really Lethal

Despite not having a day job, surprisingly things got a little more stressful lately. As a person who seeks refuge in new and exciting adventures, routine definitely does not work for me. While others shop at the malls, get pampered at salons, or party at clubs to relieve stress, I, on the other hand find outdoor adventures as my breather. And I guess, I am out for this much needed air.

My birthday is fast approaching, and as a treat for myself, I want to do something new. I think I've been slump lately. Yes, things have changed when I started staying at home again. And since the little one is out at school the whole day, I could really go biking anytime, but our home has all the things I needed to keep my butt glued, like a very reliable and fast internet, a lot of good books, comfortable bed, and siomai that I can just cook and eat anytime.

For the past few months or perhaps a year now, I've been trying to rescue from the doldrums the girl I used to be. You know, that girl who threw herself off cliffs, hike mountains, and pretty much did anything dauntless without having second thoughts. I've always had this thirst to conquer my fears. But then, life has caught up with me and I was slowly slipping away from that girl I have just tried to rescue.

Perhaps I got too comfortable that I've stopped pushing myself. So before I turn 30 and slump back to the lackadaisical self again, I want to do something I have always loved to do, and that is to go on an adventure. It doesn't really have to be extreme, like jumping off cliffs or sky diving. Although I really wish I have the money to do the sky dive. Well, anything that puts me out of my comfort zone and shakes up the routine is an adventure.

If only Bilbo Baggins were real, I would have asked, pleaded, and begged him to take me with him. Haha. But Mindanao itself has a lot of places to offer, and I wouldn't mind trying a few more crazy activities in this island I grew up in. I know, life's happening and I've got responsibilities, but a day of adventure isn't too much to ask, is it?

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