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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Picked this up from blog hopping. Here's where I got the The Sunday Currently blog feature. :)

Yesterday, laptop got busted and I was in the middle of designing a big project. It wasn't a total wreck, I was just getting blue screens of death from time to time. Haha. So I decided to stop pushing the laptop to its limit afraid it might die on me. The mom's going to kill me if I lost all the hundred thousand pictures of all her travel escapades. *sweat*


Manuals and installation instructions. Actually, I asked Jan to set-up my new computer and install the drivers for it. I could do it myself, you know. But that's what I-work-with-computers-kind-of-boyfriends are for, right? Haha. (Labyu, Jan!)
I'm sorry if it took a long time before I realized I have to offer you a chair. Haha. :P
This blog when I should be updating my resume. With this new shit right here, there's no reason for me not to look for a full time job now. But I can do the updating tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or the next. I will, I PROMISE.

To Queen on Spotify. At least there's one bad habit I've left behind. That is downloading music illegally.

The goddamn download progress bars.

How much time have I spent watching progress bars my entire life? Sure I can multi-task and do a lot of things but progress bars fascinate me that I still watch and wait. And I wonder if anyone else does it?

To clean all the mess tonight before I hit the sack. Or I can just cry.
After bringing in a new desk inside my room I have to rearrange furniture, including shelves.

My new workstation. Soon I'd be proud enough to have those "what's on my desk" kind of blogs. It's still a work in progress and I'm not sure how I really wanted it to look. The poporing and the plushie dog I named Bjorn will do good in making it cute for now.
At least a 23-inch desktop monitor. This old one I have just doesn't cut the need for my mobile app design projects. Maybe I'd even go dual.

To eat on time. Been slacking off lately. Even my diet got affected. I'm not on a diet, okay? I don't think I will ever be. It's just that I don't get to eat on time and I'm experiencing heart burns here and there. I've got to cut this bad habit before things get worse.

Indifferent when I saw a few bottles of beer stored in our pantry. It has been there for ages and nobody even bothered to let it cool and have a bottle or two. I remember I only got drunk twice my entire life. One during high school when I was complaining about parents being overprotective. And two, last 2013 and I was ranting about guys being a-holes and jerks. Haha. I don't think I'd ever appreciate the bitterness of beer. The last time that I consumed one, hati pa kami ni Jan.

The days will fast forward to the 27th.

Install Now. Ok. Close button. Yep, I'm still installing essential tools. And lastly, the Publish button, I guess. :)

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