The Sunday Currently Vol. 2 - Life is so full of tae!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

Sunday isn't exactly a day to be productive. But what I love about this day is that I can do whatever the hell I want. And that includes doing almost nothing.


A Better Way to Live by Og Mandino. I've had this a long time ago but it's just today that I was able to flip and read its pages.

this blog post. And another entry about my stand regarding pyramid and ponzi schemes. If you're on to it, don't even think about talking me out of these networking/pyramiding shit. I am lazy and I don't have the charms. And I'm not sly enough to lure and sweet talk people out to join the plans of world domination through get-rich-quickly schemes. Besides, I couldn't dare to lose my friends, their trust, and their hard earned money. So yeah, there I said it. I'm not sure anymore if I'm still going to finish writing that because I think I've said everything in two sentences.

to Jack Johnson on Spotify. His songs never fail to soothe my nerves. I got a little upset over the issue that I cannot use my computer as there were people working in our garage who were using the welding machine. The thing is, I've got projects to do and deadlines to meet. I've busted my computer before on the same event as interference and power inconsistencies can happen. So I have no choice but to unplug everything lest I want my new baby to have the same fate as the other.

Mean Girls (for the nth time). I know, I know! I don't really like chick flicks but I love this secretly. Shhhh. This one hit me like a big, yellow school bus. Haha. Besides, Aaron Samuels is totally grool, isn't he?

And I've been raping the replay button in this video. Who wouldn't?

of doing this 30-day Blogging Challenge. I hate 30-day challenges and it's no surprise that I cannot ever finish one. But hey, who knows? The topics are quite interesting to write. And if I cross my fingers just right, I might be able to get through Day 5.

for a nice and cool week ahead. We'll be starting this so-called business and I hope all goes well.

the old keyboard Jan gave me. Haha. Yep, I ditched the new one for the old.

A mechanical keyboard because I love the way it feels when you type. It's the type of keyboard that once you have it, you never want to switch back. And I love the sound it makes. So therapeutic. But since I can't afford one right now, I just want  to eat a Lucky Me Chillimansi pancit canton. Yep, that will do.

a 25th hour because I might be working late tonight and hope I can still put sleep somewhere in between.

excited for our incoming Hudyakaan sa Kadayawan food booth. It is a business my barkadas and I tried to put up. We've been thinking of venturing into the business world for a long time but not one was ever pushed through. This could be a start. :)

Dabawenyos, family, friends, classmates, batch mates, workmates, team mates, please support our business. Just look for this logo and order up! :)

for a getaway for this month's really long weekend. I've always wanted to go to Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel or Dahican in Mati perhaps because I've never been there. Ummm... Jan? Pretty please? *does puppy eyes*

Nothing sort of interesting. But I'm actually popping bubble wraps. Does that count?

How's your weekend? Have a nice week everyone! :)

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  1. on pyramydicang scams: spot on sarj! on your business: agi mi dra.^.^

    1. hahaha. pyramydicang? unsa na? bwahaha. agi. order mog daghan ha! :)

  2. omigosh!!! i love mean girls! it's so fetch! lol

    1. stop making fetch happen. it's not going to happen! kidding. haha :)

  3. i looking for duterte movement when i saw ur site. i reli enjoy reading your blogs. i hope you support duterte 100% too. :-)

    1. Wow! Thank you. I always support Digong 100%. He just doesn't like to run, so I'm supporting that. Haha. But if there are no other candidates and if he wishes to run, I'm backing for him 101%. :)

  4. Oooh, I love the 30-Day Blogging Challenge, I might just try it out maybe next month haha!

    1. Yeah. I think I might also try it when I run out of topics to write. :)