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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

I just noticed that my blog entries lately are sort of heavy and meaty. You know, those write-ups that have been well-thought of with words that seem to last forever, or a better way to put it, boring. Thought I would write something refreshing and light this time. :)


Selling Hitler by Robert Harris. I actually had this book a few months ago and I never got to read it until today. I bought it at BookSale for only Php 20. Sweet heavens!

I don't know if it is with my fascination with the Third Reich or simply because Harris has done a remarkable job in writing a page-turner piece of history served hot and delicious with a flavorful humor that I find this book impossible to put down.

Note to self: Tomorrow's Monday. Please get some sleep.

this blog entry and nothing else. Although I was actually thinking of writing a script for my verbal attack on PLDT for their lousy service. I am having crappy internet issues for almost a week now. Calling their hotline and following up for the nth time doesn't seem to help. Konti na lang, mapupuno na ako. I hope their customer service actions are as prompt as their bills.

to Jack Johnson (again, yes). I don't think I'll ever get tired listening to his songs. Sundays aren't complete without a dose of him. Go on and listen to his songs and you'll feel a lot better.

Currently playing: Flake

this blinking cursor. Because I'm still racking my brains out if I watched something significant (or insignificant) earlier today. Oh yeah, I was watching my mum cook dinner while I sit and wait. This is why I love Sundays.

of ways to keep track of my finances. I'll do better this time. I promise.

for a good week. I found other ways to earn moolah again. Woot!

the little attention my blog is getting. I feel loved even though I know most of those who come here are technically strangers. I hope I made you feel home in my little space in the internet as much as you made me feel better each time you read, lurk, and more so interact with me. Gracias, amigos!

to eat Lucky Me Chilimansi pancit canton with dumang. I've been obssessed with dumang lately. It's a chili powder I got from our recent trip in Aliwagwag, Cateel, Davao Oriental. I've been putting dumang to everything I eat, including green mangoes and pickled cucumbers.

EXERCISE. I've been really inactive lately. I need to work out those damn muscles again and get back in shape.

excited for our long weekend trip to Bucas Grande! Woot! So from here, this blog's going to be quiet until we get home from the trip.

for the days to go faster. Like I said, I've been waiting for the weekend and it's killing me.

or more like raping the Refresh button. Internet's been acting up. And yes, the Publish button in a few (that is, if I could even publish this given the sluggish speed).

How did your weekend go? I hope you had a good one. And I wish everyone a great week ahead! :)

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  1. Cool stuff...

    Am glad I visited your blog...

  2. Hey,fellow Davaoeña! Glad to have found your blog. Your blog looks great and your writing prowess is admirable, I have to give you that. Anyway, you got me interested in the book Selling Hitler, I'll check if it's on Kindle. I like reading anything about Hitler because I'm really curious about how his mind worked and why he did the evil things he did.
    Will visit your blog again.

    1. Wow! Thank you! Yeah, I am really fascinated with the Nazis, Hitler, and the Holocaust era. Don't get me wrong, it's not the atrocity and monstrosity that I am fascinated at. Yes, it's actually understandinf how his mind worked and how he's done such thing. Anyway, thanks for dropping by

  3. Had a boring Sunday. Naks! Bakasyon ulit. You seem to be traveling often?

    1. It seems so. Haha. I think I'll spend every remaining month of this year to go somewhere new. Haha. So that means I have to work hard for moolah! :)

  4. I too have been really inactive and need to get back into shape via exercising. I still need to lose another 10kg.

    1. In my case though, I need to gain. So I really need to work out those muscles and bulk up (just a little bit).

  5. Oh my goodness, I love Jack Johnson - he's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine! I hope you had an amazing weekend, great post. <3

    1. Yay! <3 Yes, I had an amazing weekend sans the internet issue. Thanks! :D

  6. I loved this one..light and fresh. BTW, I do similar kind of articles under Reflections on my blog. Do check them .

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Sure, I'll check them out.

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  8. I just noticed right at this moment of reading the comments, why do I have the option to Delete the comments on your post?? Delete link is located beside the datetime stamp. (i didn't click it though)

    1. You can see it but there's nothing you can do about that if you're not logged as admin. :)