Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hey Diddle Diddle

I was known to be a sleeper in class back in college. And when I wasn't sleeping, my classmates would find me scribbling absentmindedly. Half of the pages of my notebook (if I even had one) were filled with doodles and the rest were just clean empty pages.

I might have offended some of my professors back then. Doodling is frowned upon not just in class but also in any occasion that requires attention. What they do not know is that when I am doodling, contrary to what most people think, I am actually focused and interested.

You see, because of a disruptive sleep pattern (I was, and still is, an insomniac), my brain cannot help but release high levels of adenosine (see? I was listening to my lessons) to pay off my sleep debt. So when I am really interested, I try to fight sleepiness and other forms of distraction like daydreaming and spacing-out by doing whatever stimulates the brain.
Does the doodle like I'm jerking something? LOL

I was wired that way. Just because it looks like I am not paying attention means I am not paying attention. I am a kinesthetic learner (with a dash of auditory learning) - my professors taught me this but I don't get it why it's hard for them to understand that some people learn like that.

So the next time you see me doodling in the middle of a serious discussion, just think that I am getting my mind engaged and further stimulated. It keeps my mind from wandering and daydreaming. :)

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