Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Left My Heart in Boracay

If I didn't know better, I would say I was a mermaid, or a starfish, or perhaps a seaweed in my past life. Growing up close to the beach (approx. just ten minutes away from home), I know my heart belongs to the water that I just couldn't say no to the sea even if it almost took my life quite a number of times.

Hence, here's another beach escapade. And this time, it's the famous Boracay baby! :)

Boracay Station 1
We were so fascinated with the finest white sand we've ever set our feet on, we walked the whole stretch of  White Beach path (from Station 1 to Station 3)

Although honestly, having been told a million times that Boracay is too crowded and overdeveloped, I never bothered putting Boracay in my "Places-to-Go" list. But still, we decided to go to Boracay just for the heck of it even if it means enduring a 6-hour ride from Iloilo City.  And I am so glad we did for it did not disappoint.

Dmall Boracay
Crowded Bora. And this is not even peak season yet.
Despite the crowd, the nonstop parties at night, and the expensive food... (there was one time, kumain kami sa karinderya, nagorder kami ng dalawang rice, chicken, tortang talong, at monggos tapos Php 220 ang nabayaran namin. Piskot! Kung alam lang namin eh di sana nag-Japanese cuisine na lang kami. Haha) ...there is something about Boracay that will draw you close to it and leave your heart lying somewhere in its powdery white sands and clear turquoise waters.

Its vibe is a total opposite of my favorite beach in Dahican, but Jan and I definitely love Boracay! We were supposed to stay for only one night but 24 hours isn't enough to explore and appreciate such spectacular beauty. So despite our tight schedule, we extended another night and did all things touristy!
Of course! We ♥ Boracay! :)

Boracay Island
One does not simply leave Boracay without having photos with the sandcastles.
Boracay Island
First time to ride on a speedboat.
Sun-kissed. ♥

Helmet Diving in Boracay
Helmet Diving
Chasing sunset in Boracay
Sunsets in Boracay are beautiful. :)
Is Boracay really worth the hype? Boracay can get even more crowded than it already is. Food can really be expensive and might not even be worth your penny. But then, your experience is a matter of perspective. As for me, I am thankful I have set foot on this beautiful island and enjoyed every minute of it. And I feel blessed and proud that our own dear Pilipinas has one of the best beaches in the world.

Hasta la vista, Boracay! :)


  1. Grabe sya o! Pretty na sexy pa. Love it!

  2. how much for the helmet diving?

    1. They offered 1500 each at first. Then may ibang bumaba ng 1200 each. Then 1000. Then 1500 for both of us. Hanggang sa umabot ng 600 each. It's not the peak season, so I guess they can get as low as that. :)

  3. I knew it! Sabi ko na nga ba maiinggit lang ako kapag inopen ko to. 'bout the karenderya food... The price seems normal here. Maybe just a little lower but almost the same.

    1. Oh. So that's normal for a karinderya then. Dito kasi sa Davao, a tortang talong only costs 15 and monggo would be around 20. Kaya nabigla kami sa karinderya price. Although, most of their prices are understandably jacked up.

    2. The red swimsuit looks really good on you. It complements your color. I really love your skin

  4. Boracay is really crowded for me and February pa kami nagpunta, how much more kung summer season. But still, it is one of the best beaches that I've seen. Iba ganda niya kaya no doubt marami pumupunta.

  5. Boracay is on my places-to-go din kailangan pa kaya..hehehhe Anyway, you look great Sis, and super love all your photos. Indeed, one beautiful experience. If ever na makapunta ako ng Boracay, I'll eat at restaurant nalang, karenderia price is pricey pala.

  6. wow ms sarah!!!nakakainggit! mahal nmn talga lahat sa bora.

  7. Mas napansin ko ang flat belly! haha! Never been to bora, Idk when kami makakavisit jan. :D

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