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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

iVideo: Stay Connected on the Road

When Jan and I traveled to Singapore, one of our concerns is the internet. Sure, we can avail the ones offered by the hotels we booked to. But to travel in a completely foreign land, we definitely need internet on the road to stay connected, communicate with friends who are living there, and to easily navigate to places.

I thought we only had two viable options available. Either to use Jan's existing network subscription, which is really expensive when set to roaming; or buy a sim with data, which can also be quite pricey considering data is just limited.

But thankfully, services that allow foreigners to rent a pocket wi-fi device with unlimited data at a reasonable cost such as iVideo existed.

We never struggled staying connected, we never got lost, we were able to optimize our itinerary - all because we have a fast and reliable 24-hour internet for the whole trip. Thanks to iVideo! :)

If plans go well, Jan and I will be doing two more Asian trips this year. And of course, we are definitely considering using iVideo Mobile Wifi again. :)

How to rent iVideo Mobile WiFi.
1. Register. It wouldn't take two minutes of your time to simply register here.

2. Choose your destination. They cater Taiwan, Japan, Australia, North America, and other Asian and European countries. For a full list countries they cater to, check out their website.

3. Choose which mobile WiFi  you want to rent and choose your plan. You have Early Bird Rent, Daily Rent, and Monthly Rent as your choices.

4. Choose a pickup point. Depending on the location, you can choose to pick up your device at their accredited convenience stores or in airports. You can also have it delivered straight to your home or your booking hotel for a fee.
It came with the mobile device with sim card, charger, an extra battery, and instructions manual.

5. Fill in your payment details.

6. Checkout.

It's that easy!

If you're interested in availing their services and want to know more about iVideo, you can check out their website.

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