Sell Fees

Lately, I find myself updating this blog mostly to meet sponsored posts deadlines. Whack me all you want for giving in but I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and I think it's about time that I made something (productive) out of it.

I've had my priorities sorted out. I'm focusing on more important things like learning new ways to earn more or learning a new programming language so I can put my career a notch higher. But we all know that's not true. Lately, I've been all over the internet, wading through the filth of social media and adding pollution to it by posting more stuff about myself, what I do, what I eat, and where I've been - which has nothing to do with self-improvement, career, and financial growth.

If anything, I think I got more annoying. I also wanted to put my blogging game up by using Instagram that the boyfriend had to go through the nightmare of taking a hundred photos of me just for that one good shot.

Well, I have always been vain. I have always liked taking photos of myself but only until selfies became a stigma. That's when I decided to stop taking selfies and be one with the cool kids who think selfies are just for attention whores. Granted, I can be an asshole sometimes. I judge and roll my eyes whenever I see people who take selfies on a regular basis. But here's the thing, I had a lot of selfies. I came across some of my college photos and good lord, I really was a social-media-narcissistic bitch before.

Here are some photos for you to see.

Scrunching my face in an attempt na magpacute selfies

Top: Kunwari stolen selfies. Bottom: Bathroom selfies.

Back when I still have a fetish for caps. Wait, is that a kawaii pose? I remember having those duck and pout faces too. I've got to find those photos for cringe-fest.

Not a selfie, but I have some photos where I truly didn't know what I was thinking.

In fairness, I have a few instagrammable shots during the friendster era. Top left: hubadera since 2004. Haha
Wala lang.

And here's the most recent photo of me:
 I look cute before and I still look cute now, I believe.
I rarely ever take selfies now but I think I'm still that vain Sarah in college more than ten years ago who loves taking photos of herself. The only difference is, I have someone to take the photos for me.

I'm still that asshole who judges people and rolls her eyes to selfies. But only those that are taken out of boredom, selfies with boobies, people who caption their selfies with "I'm ugly", selfies showing cotton briefs at the beach, non-makeup free non-sweaty gym selfies, sleeping and crying selfies. The last one, seriously, just don't.


  1. pretty before and after. love reading your posts!

    1. Thank you! Love reading comments like this. It keeps me going. Haha

  2. And here we have a 30-something blogger who hasn't hit puberty. You are prettier and you still look so young! Ako naman always told about my transformation because I'm so blooming daw when I got older but I think kasali na doon ang pagiging malusog busog ko sa transformation na yan. Hahaha. I was super thin but now I'm extra chubby but I'm sure I'm cuter than before.

    1. Nah. Those photos are deceiving. I think I went through a transformation din. I just didn't gain so much weight, that's why I still look like a kolehiyala.

  3. +1 to sleeping and crying selfies. I really don't get it.

    I like reading your blogs, it's entertaining. Keep it up :)