Red's 9 and I Stopped Throwing Him Birthday Parties - Life is so full of tae!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Red's 9 and I Stopped Throwing Him Birthday Parties

Yesterday, we celebrated Red's 9th birthday. I used to throw him big parties. We had parties in our house with friends, family, neighbors, and guests I don't remember being invited. I also threw him a party at McDonald's - which he enjoyed so much. Although it was a bit traumatic for my 2-year old nephew because their mascots are really scary.

But usually, in the big parties we throw, the adults are the ones who enjoy the most. Basta may handaan, di nawawala ang inuman. The kids, on the other hand, will just enjoy the games. They really can't appreciate good food you have prepared. Kids would seriously ditch a lechon over a hotdog on stick with marshmallows. Plus, you'll just end up with so much left over food and you will be left crying into a giant pile of dirty dishes.

Since last year, I decided to stop giving Red a children's party. I explained, birthday parties do not always involve balloons, cakes, and silly hats. Of course, if I wanted it memorable, I have to let him choose how he wants to spend his birthday.

Gawd, I can't believe I said too much when all I wanted to say is that we celebrated his birthday at Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park. And he enjoyed it so much!

He was greeted a happy birthday over the speakers and he was so thrilled to hear it.
He loves legos and minecraft, so it's no surprise he started building his fort here. He also met new friends.
Of course, it wasn't only the kids who enjoyed.
Jan showing off his roundhouse.
I already got tired before our time's up. Them kids have so much energy in them.
Had to take rests in between. This is actually a good workout place (if it wasn't just expensive)
Too bad, we weren't able to take a lot of photos inside the pit because to really enjoy playing, you have to keep your gadgets or any loose objects away. But I was able to grab my phone before our hour was up. 
After an hour of jumping, we ate, and had some arcade fun.
Even from this angle, you could see how much he's enjoying this.

So what do I do when my boys are having fun? Take selfies, of course!
Some of you might throw shade at me for not giving my son the birthday party he deserves. But I understand. We are all under the impression that we have got to throw huge parties in order to celebrate birthdays the right way. But is throwing a huge party really for our kids? Or is it just for our own parental accomplishment? Have you ever asked your kid how they want to celebrate their birthday?

I remember during my 18th birthday, my parents never asked me how I wanted to celebrate it. They just threw me an extravagant celebration (with gowns, photoshoot, and all). Please don't get me wrong, I love it. It's just that, all I ever wanted was to celebrate it with my closest friends at the beach that doesn't involve the repetitive dances, or sitting awkwardly in front of everybody while you wait for all 18 to finish saying their birthday wishes, followed by another set of 18 friends to explain their gifts, and worst, killer heels. And maybe the experience would have been different and better (at least for me). My parents are great. I know they just do what they think is the best. But I'm veering away from their usual style of throwing birthday parties for us each year - to which I honestly do not remember much of it.

See, an all-out-birthday bash with all the mascots, balloons, and theme is great. But not throwing the same kind of party as everybody else does, does not mean we've failed as parents. It's just that we've chosen to celebrate differently. I prefer to give my child a fun experience that will knock his socks off. And guess what? My birthday treat for him doesn't stop here. We'll soon by flying to Singapore and I absolutely think that this is way way better than having a one-day party that everyone is going to forget the next day anyway.