Hello, Love, Goodbye (No Spoilers and Not a Review)

I used to be one of those pa-cool kids who blatantly expresses about not watching Pinoy movies or seryes because these only fit the baduy and uncool category.

Well, I could throw a hundred and one reasons why but let me mention a few. Same old plot, unrealistic setup (have you seen how those hospital scenes turn the drama into comedy?), bad acting, and most especially, storylines that dumb you down. Oo, nakakabobo.

But as much as I would have loved to stay as that cool kid who would cringe at the thought of a locally-made mainstream film (take note of the keyword: mainstream), I have stopped mocking these as shallow entertainment pastime for the dumb (yeah, I was a douchebag), and it feels pretty damn good to not feel the need to be cool all the time. I watch Kadenang Ginto just so you know and I say that with no shame.

I'm not sure what made me embrace Pinoy craft but most probably, that has something to do with age. When you reach a certain age, you remember how we used to hate the things we now love? Vegetables, sobriety, sleep, or staying home. We now choose health and comfort over anything else. I would not say it's exactly the same with the movies but I guess when life gives you a day-to-day heavy slap in the face, you would find films and seryes that are petty, mindless, and packed with characters who can't seem to do shit right to be pretty relaxing. Or at least, that's how it's working for me.

Kidding aside. I still, honestly, don't believe in the films that are produced locally especially when it's too obvious that they value profit over quality. But occasionally, I give them a try no matter how much they repeatedly fail the viewers because there are still good films out there. And this is one of those films⁠ that can redeem the ever plunging Pinoy movie industry.

There are only 3 Pinoy films that stayed with me for a very long time (for the record, I haven't been exposed to a lot). That Thing Called Tadhana, Four Sisters and a Wedding, and Kita KitaHello, Love, Goodbye is the fourth.

Hello, Love, Goodbye Movie Poster
Image from IMDB
I'm not here to write a review because, believe me, there are already hundreds of  positive reviews written on Facebook alone. Well, that, and I am also bad at making reviews. But let me tell you this: only three Pinoy romantic movies have turned me cheesy enough to make a post about it (I mentioned the two above and the other one is One More Chance). This is the fourth.

Although Hello, Love, Goodbye was not able to make me cry like how it did to many (Hachiko's tear-jerking powers did not work for me. Yeah, I’m a stone-hearted biatch like that), it sure did give me a lot of good laugh. This is not your typical love story, it is unpredictable, and most especially, it's realistically relatable. Plus, the chemistry of Kath and Alden is surprisingly amazing.

I highly recommend this to anyone who simply wants to get their money's worth and doesn't mind watching the movie for the nth time in a week. Need I say more?