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Right now, I am writing this blog 1076 kms from where I usually write while I try my very best to sum up my most relaxing vacay, yet. I love that we didn't have to wake up early in the morning and cram as many activities as we can to seize the day.

We have more than enough days to enjoy the island but I don't think I'm ready to leave just yet. Not when I know that a shitload of work is waiting for me.

I also worry my friends back home won't be able to recognize me anymore because I am ten times darker. But I would not have it any other way. I think I am born for the ocean. And if the kiss of the ocean breeze meant a sun-kissed skin, then the sun can have me anytime.
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The Ruins, Bacolod
Our trip to Bacolod has long been planned when Jan and I were invited last February by our Tito Juju to his birthday climb at Kampo Hiyang-hiyang in Talisay, Negros Occidental. Prior to the trip, a Bacolodnon friend tipped us about the places to go and food to eat. He said that Bacolod's specialty are sweets because the people in Bacolod are naturally sweet. And true to his words, I can say everything in Bacolod is indeed sweet... especially the beer.

The beer brewed in Bacolod definitely tastes better than any beer brewed anywhere in the country. But I won't talk about beer here because Bacolod offers more than that.

Calea Pastries and Cake, Bacolod City
Even though I do not have a sweet tooth, I have to try Bacolod's Calea Pastries and Cake. Jan ordered Chocolate Square (upper right), while I ordered Raspberry Cream Cheese (lower right) and it did not disappoint dahil naubos ko! :)
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If I didn't know better, I would say I was a mermaid, or a starfish, or perhaps a seaweed in my past life. Growing up close to the beach (approx. just ten minutes away from home), I know my heart belongs to the water that I just couldn't say no to the sea even if it almost took my life quite a number of times.

Hence, here's another beach escapade. And this time, it's the famous Boracay baby! :)

Boracay Station 1
We were so fascinated with the finest white sand we've ever set our feet on, we walked the whole stretch of  White Beach path (from Station 1 to Station 3)

Although honestly, having been told a million times that Boracay is too crowded and overdeveloped, I never bothered putting Boracay in my "Places-to-Go" list. But still, we decided to go to Boracay just for the heck of it even if it means enduring a 6-hour ride from Iloilo City.  And I am so glad we did for it did not disappoint.
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Sun, sand, and the sea. What else can make me more excited?
Virgin Island, Panglao, Bohol
Virgin Island. Where the water meets the heavens.


Yes, dolphins.

I've always wanted to go swimming with the dolphins *points at the bucket list at the bottom right side of this blog*. No, I haven't swam with one. Not yet. But dolphin watching is the closest it can get. :)
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Okay, I admit it. This is the first time I have traveled again by plane after so many years. And I'm glad to have experienced it with Jan. We've been going around Mindanao lately, and I think it's about time we put our travels a notch up. I believe we needed this getaway. It's the only time we have until we grind our heads back to work again.

We decided to go backpacking to Bohol via Cebu since both of us have never been there. We weren't able to visit all tourist spots in Bohol though as the weather made sure of that. But we made sure that we get to see the famous Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers.
Chocolate Hills, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills are amazing in actual than just seeing them in pictures. Actually, I didn't expect a lot from it, but we were awed of its splendor and beauty.
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