Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Life Lately Vol. 2

Life, lately, has not been exactly boring nor exciting. But all is well. I can't promise I'll be back writing up a storm again but I will post a few shit no one cares about to let you know I'm still alive.

Here's what I've been up to lately.

1. Sleep
I'm the type of person who sleeps at 2am, wakes up at 5am, and can still function normally like how a person who had a good night's rest does. But lately, I'm getting at least 6 hours of sleep and I love how it does wonders in making me look fresh in the morning.

Squinting made me look sleepy though.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Hair We Go Again

Hello everyone! I haven’t updated in two weeks, which is not very like me. I've attempted to write sensible and relevant entries twice and on both times, I didn't get to hit the Publish button. None of it was good enough. I try to balance my entries between relevant and nonsensical write ups. But I'm on a writing slump.

So maybe today, I'll just talk about my short hair because blogging about things that do not help the society in any way sure as hell beats scrolling down Facebook aimlessly for hours (I'll leave Facebook one day and move to Reddit, I promise).

I was born with a naturally straight, super fine, no volume hair. And for three years, I've been cutting my own hair because it didn't matter if I looked shaggy or not. Sometimes, I wish I had that grunge hair or I can pull off that messy bun. But my hair simply just untangles and tames itself before I could even say "comb".

I never really had a bad hair day until I saw this:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Double Weddings but Not Really

December last year, two of my closest girl friends from the same circle had their weddings on the same day, same time, but different places. Sounds impossible but, yes, we were able to make it to both wedding ceremonies and receptions.
December 28, 2017. Claire and Karren's wedding.
And just recently, two of my closest guy friends invited me to their weddings on the same day and same time. How I wish I could pull off the same stunt I did before, but one wedding was held three hours away from where I live. An attempt to do another Kage Bunshin No Jutsu is certainly futile at this time.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Smart Casual on a Budget

This entry was supposed to be for the color run I was too excited about, but that didn't happen. And that's not even the worst part yet. There was a bit of lashing from disappointed and frustrated participants and we, the bloggers who promoted the event, were somehow caught in the crossfire. I would have loved to talk shit about it since my pre-event post has convinced a fair few people to join. But as a courtesy, I'm keeping my mouth shut until the organizer issues a public official statement - to which as of this writing is still zero, zilch, zip, nada!

This is why I preferred keeping this blog clean from sponsors and ads. Somehow I took the bait and now I feel a little pressured to consistently update this blog with POSITIVE content. I definitely miss those times when I had tons of shit to say without feeling a single ounce of guilt or worry. But right now, that's not going to happen.

Friday, August 10, 2018

New Favorite!

I do not have a sweet tooth. And that basically means, when it comes to desserts and sweet treats, I am too hard to please.

While everybody drools at the sight of a cake or a doughnut, I have this uncanny ability to shrug off or worse, refuse sweets. Yeah, sue me. This puts people in panic mode like it's a crime not to like sweets or something, and with unbelieving eyes, they ask, "are you on a diet?!"

Oh boy, if that slice of chocolate cake were 2 pounds of crabs or bacon, I'd eat the sh*t out of it.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Breaking Norms

I started to purge my closet and got rid of the clothes I no longer wear. Most of my clothes are ukay-ukay, so I have this bad habit of buying anything since it's really cheap because I know I won't feel bad about it even if it's something I probably wouldn't wear. I sorted them according to frequency of use and unsurpsingly, I got more clothes I have not worn and don't remember at all.

Most of them are chic, really.

I have not worn my classic closet staples lately and I have no plans of wearing them unless necessary. I thought of just tossing them in the box with the intention of donating it (my clothes are not shabby, I promise) for a total wardrobe change.

My role as a Vice President of Davao's premier blogging community will be interacting with PR managers and probably big names from known brands. My usual jeans and shirt would be too underwhelming. And I hate to think that I might sell myself short just because I have not made an effort to look, if not impressive, at least presentable. Bad impressions have higher chances of breaking deals, you know.

Last Thursday, I did the unthinkable.
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Maira Gall