Saturday, February 9, 2019

Life Lately Vol. 4 + DIY Wedding Projects

After days of anxious anticipation and nights of reading horror stories of rejection and denial, Jan and I reached the highest level of excitement when we received our passports with approved visas yesterday that we did not feel the strong earthquake that shook our city.

You see, the biggest fear for a would-be and even a seasoned traveler with a weak passport is not getting lost in a foreign country. It is getting denied of visa or worse, getting offloaded in the immigration.

And for someone who does not have a normal and stable office job, having an approved visa, especially in one of the G7 countries, is such a share worthy success story for me. And I think I have to prepare myself for more "the anticipation is killing me" moments because that is just one of the many visa applications that we'll have to go through.

Monday, January 28, 2019

More meat yer arse

You know how I still get "judged" for being skinny despite my reputation of being a voracious eater and having a flabby midsection (that's about 2 inches of pinchable flab, I kid you not).

"Kain ka ng marami. Mas maganda kung magkalaman ka ng konti."
No high waisted pants can hide my flabs.
Not that I take offense at such. But I'm sick of explaining that I don't go on a diet or that it runs in the blood, yadda yadda. So before anyone strikes me again with remarks about being underfed, malnourished, and that I should go get a quarter pounder, let me tell you this: I would eat the next person who will tell me that I look better with more meat.

I dare thee.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Monday Blues, Friday Night Blog

I took a day off from work last Monday so I could dedicate my day for the visa and wedding preparations. What I planned was to get my PSA birth certificate (BC) in the morning and meet with our coordinator and photographer in the afternoon.

Three of my friends told me it only took them two to three hours to get their certificates at PSA. So I took the shot of getting the BC myself since it's also the cheapest way. I only had three things on my to-do list, I figured I can still do some shopping for crafting materials since I have the entire day for myself.

Friday, January 11, 2019

December Happenings

That I apparently forgot to post.

And I'd like you to believe I was busy.

1. Bagged two awards at the Davao Blog Awards co-presented by PLDT-Smart.

Best Personal Blog

Sunday, January 6, 2019

There's Progress!

Jan and I visited our future home yesterday and we're so happy about the progress.


Knowing how real estate development works here, one could say that that's a lot of progress.
Haha. I'm really looking forward to the day we move in because finally *drum roll* I will have a custom bookshelf/mini library! But before I start with anything for our home, I still have a wedding to plan. We haven't made a lot of progress and we only have four months! And what's worse, I still have to decide which five out of a hundred wedding DIY ideas are realistic enough for me to actually attempt to do.

May the gods of patience and creativity be ever in my favor.

P.S. Hey Chronos, please bestow me with a lot of time too because I'm also having Japanese lessons in between.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Wedding Diaries: DIY Bridal Bouquet Using Fake Flowers and Recycled Materials

I would have loved to write about the 2018 that has been awesome or whatever topic that's fitting for the new year but I am more excited to share this with you.

You see, I never really thought a bridal bouquet can cost so much. Php 5,000-7,000 seriously?! No, thanks.

Today, I decided to create my own bridal bouquet because aside from the fact that we'd rather spend our money on more important things like a fridge full of frozen yogurt, I was bored as hell as well.

Plus, crafting things makes me feel giddy all the time.

So here's what boredom got me:
© Life is so full of tae!
Maira Gall