Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

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2012 was a great roller-coaster ride. The challenges are difficult and somehow frustrating. But the rewards are so fulfilling.  I am grateful that I am coming out of it alive and well. And yes, I survived the rapture and the end of the world. Hell yeah! haha. Kidding aside, I don't know if things could get any worse. The hell I care. JUST BRING IT ON.

Whatever tomorrow brings, I only hope to get through 2013 with my being, still whole and well, and with the people I love to keep me sane. I only wish for one thing this incoming year, all I want is to be HAPPY. :)

Goodbye 2012, Hello there 2013!

Book Reviews?

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I've already read  tons of books and I am thinking of writing a book review for the new books I am about to read or perhaps also those that I have already read. I want to share how an amazing book took me away or complain about how a book wasted my time (in a not-so-harsh way, of course! I'm not a good writer to even bash someone's terrible writing, as I am no book author and I am a terrible writer myself. I might as well keep my mouth shut when I think a book sucks.). Yes, I want to write a review. But, but, but...

number 1: I think I'm too lazy to write. I don't even like to make book reports during my early school days.

number 2: I suck at making reviews. If I like it, I would say I like it. Just that. No more superfluous shimmering fancy words. 'Hey I love this book! It's awesome, you should read it. Why? Just read it.', that's how it will go more likely.

number 3: I'm afraid time won't be too generous. You see, I work 8 hours as a graphics designer, the rest as a mom and with all the house chores and stuff, the little time I have left is for my escape to a different world.

But, but, but... I really really want to try. So maybe some time along my bibliophile-ish journey, I wish to write my first book review and hope it goes on until the days that I can still read. I wish myself good luck.
P.S. If you're asking why the sudden urge? I'm in the middle of reading the first book of Mistborn Trilogy and I find it sooooo amazing. Yes, very. And that deserves another blog post. I cannot just keep my silence.

Pass It On

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A song is coming over me. I haven't actually heard this one in so many years, but it kept on playing over and over in my mind.  Thanks for the internet, I started listening to different renditions and all its related videos. Well, you know how it goes in youtube.

I loved this song back in my childhood years. I remember asking my kuyas in church to play this in piano or guitar, then I would sing my heart out even though I know my voice will definitely bleed their ears.

A few more hours

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A few more hours, a mom's best home-cooked food will be attacked by eager kids. A few more hours when the clock strikes twelve, we'll all be helping ourselves with mouthful of servings of ham, spaghetti, macaroni salad, lechon manok, fruitcake or whatever bounty is placed before our tables for our noche buena.

That's a few more hours still. It's 4 o'clock, it's raining and I'm hungry. So here's a dish of fried dried anchovies topped with radish and tomatoes, plus spicy vinegar, and hot rice that's still cooking as of this writing. mmm.. nothing beats. :)

A few words before I go,

Be Merry.

A few more hours and it's Christmas!

A tale of two book formats

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While browsing, I came across this:

We support the printed word in all its forms: newspapers, magazines, and of course books. We think reading on computers or phones or whatever is fine, but it cannot replace the experience of reading words printed on paper. We pledge to continue reading the printed word in the digital era  and beyond.

Read the Printed Word!

 ---------------------♥♥♥ ---------------------

Now, let me tell you my tale of two book formats.

Way back 2009, I was thinking of buying an ebook reader. It seemed like a heaven to be bringing an entire library in just one device. Plus, ebooks are way cheaper than real books (about 10 Php or $0.24 per copy uh-huh that's right, it's a c-o-p-y). I can even get them for free!

Doomsday and Bacons

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December 21, 2012

So this is it. The end of the mayan calendar. The end of the world.

And here I am spending the doomsday with bacons and ham and egg sandwich. Waiting for a meteorite to crash into my roof.

The bacon? Gone in 60 seconds. You can kill me now.

December Book Haul

Friday, December 7, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

I came home with these:

Great books at a bargain! Yay! :)

Excited to read them, but I might start with Sabriel during Christmas break as I still have some books waiting to be read.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally got my hands on the Old Kingdom series (Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen). I actually bought the Abhorsen book ages ago and at a very good price too! Kinda disappointing though, the Abhorsen copy I have is from a US publisher, while Sabriel and Lirael are both from UK, which means they have different covers and different sizes.  I tend to be OC with books sometimes, especially with trilogies and series. They have to be the same. But I’m good with this for now as it took me ages to find all three. They’re not really that known to many people here and our bookstores do not have them. But who knows, one day I might have these copies in hardcover (if they’re really that worth keeping).

I also got this Shadow of the Wind. I’m not really familiar with it. But I find it interesting. One word: Bookception. You know, a book within a book. Might as well give it a try. :)

In My Mail: Something to keep me really really busy

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Or maybe not. Work keeps me busy. Reading books makes me “busy” - meaning, I am not to be disturbed when my hands are flipping over pages and my mind wanders beautifully into another world.

Okay, so I’ve been into reading lately. I have to dig into my old books to find something good to re-read. But book after book, series after series, I longed for something NEW.

Since I am into fantasy novels, I scoured the internet for good books. No. Great books. I went over tons of reviews, raves and recommendations, until a friend recommended me Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I have read how epic and awesome those books are. But since it’s going to take me a lot of time (and money at that) to invest into a series that’s already published into twelve (or thirteen?) books, I stumbled upon Mistborn Trilogy. For those who do not know, Brandon Sanderson (author of Mistborn) is the one who continued Wheel of Time series since Robert Jordan’s passing.

So I ordered a boxed set from ebay, waited three weeks for it to be shipped from UK to Ph, and voila! :)

And now I’m gonna delve into a new and unknown world and return a week or two later. See you then real world! :)