Always a Work In Progress

This page changes from time to time because, well, people change. Like how I have gone from a career-driven woman to an unskilled housewife. Or how I would rather dress up extra nicely than look boring and frumpy when doing quick grocery runs. Or how I have lost all the enthusiasm to read books because I now enjoy drowning in the shallow dramas of celebrities and strangers on the internet. 

For the past years, I have repeatedly reinvented myself because I have this constant urge to try something new. But let me tell you one thing about me that remained unchanged: I LOVE TO WRITE. Although with all honesty, my love for writing is inversely proportional to the diligence I have to actually get me somewhere. You will, however, always find me here. Even if blogging is seemingly dead, I will still be here, writing. 

In case you are curious what sort of stuff I write just so you can decide whether to stick around or forget that this blog ever existed... I write about useless DIY crafts, my disgust for cheese and the enemies I made with it, tips for lazy cardiophobes, or my cat's futile attempts in killing me. I write about anything except stuff that will make me do Math. But for the most part, I write about my life.

I would not say my life is interesting nor do I even try to be. But even if my stories are no longer interesting but to three other people in the entire universe (my husband, my mom, and a hater—assuming I have one), I will write anyway because this is what I love to do. And since you, lovely stranger, took the slightest interest by getting this far, I can't promise get-rich-quick schemes nor life-changing epiphanies here, but I will make your time on my blog count.

And oh! My name is Sarah, a 38-year-old Davaoeña. I love tortang talong, traveling, and showing off my belly (regardless if you see abs or flabs). I am a wife to a loving and handsome Software Engineer (Jan). A mom of three adorable kiddos (Rhett, Chris, and Isabel). A Software/Graphic/UIUX Designer. A self-taught Web Developer. A bacon worshiper. And a potato. 

Welcome to my blog!

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