Always a Work In Progress

Veni, vidi, vixi!
I started blogging because my tolerance for shit was a tad shorter than my pinky finger. Not that I would immediately react by lashing out to the nearest unsuspecting subject. I am rather silent when I am angry and more often than not, I use the written word to retaliate. Yes, I whine about the most trivial things all the time. Hence, the blog title:

But I have left the whinery ages ago. I have long outgrown the title and its original purpose but I am keeping it because I cannot be bothered to come up with something new. Plus, I think it makes people want to read more, doesn't it?

Shit still happens but my rants and whines nowadays are delivered without the bitter taste. My posts aren't all about whining, I guarantee it (those posts were already buried together with the several f*cks I give). Now, I write about travel, bacon, tips for lazy cardiophobes, or my cat's futile attempts in killing me. Basically anything but mostly about my life because I'd like to have something to ponder on in the future. Like what I'm doing now, facepalming at the fact that I used to be so whiny.

To be honest, I wouldn't say my life is interesting nor do I even try to be. I don’t even know if my stories are worth telling. But I'll write about them anyway even if the only person reading my blog is my husband because this is what I love to do. And since you, random stranger, took even the slightest interest by getting this far, I can't promise get-rich-quick schemes nor life-changing epiphanies here, but I'll make sure your visit counts.

And oh, my name is Sarah. 30-something Davaoeña. I am a wife, a mom, a Web Developer, the Vice President for External Affairs of the Davao Bloggers Society, and a potato. Welcome to my blog!

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