Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 was a blur. Everything went so quickly. And I am so thankful for a lot of things that happened to me this year. 2011 has been so good to me. I may have lost some but I gained more.  

For this year, I am so thankful …

that I lost my job and got a better one (with a better pay, of course);

for the numerous design contests I’ve won;

that I was able to battle procrastination, hence, I was able to create this blog and my design portfolio;

for my friends who have been there for me through thick and thin, and gave me the best laughs ever;

for the mommies I have found online with the same interest that became my friends and to whom I have found a new family;

for the gift of family;

for R who was able to withstand my kakulitan and frequent mood swings;

for my son who never fails to make me smile;

and for everyone that made my ordinary year, extra-ordinarily special.

I won’t be making any more New Year’s Resolution, because I know I will never be able to achieve one. So this year, there will be no plans, resolutions, promises, goals, wishes, or whatnot… everything’s going to be spontaneous. Whatever will be, will be.

Hello 2012, I am so ready now. Bring it on!

P.S. More clients please… :)

Never Been Better

Yesterday, was general cleaning day.  Swept the floors carefully, wiped every dust at every corner, rummaged every closet, and much to my surprise, I found a lot of clothes that we no longer use.  And if you have read my previous post regarding donations to the victims of typhoon Sendong, you will see that we only had a little to give. But now, I am so happy because I never thought that I would fill this box with more clothes, shoes, blankets and other goods. I feel good, not only because the house is now clean and our closet has more space than ever but because we would be able to help a lot of devastated families for Christmas. I hope that despite the tragedy that happened, they may still find happiness in their hearts, and that through these little acts we showed, they will feel loved.

Christmas and the forgotten manger

The cold December breeze once again came our way. This change of wind suddenly turned people to be surprisingly generous or I should say big cash burners. We all think of Christmas as the magical time of the year where we rush and hurry shopping for gifts to give for our love ones and for ourselves as well. We eat, drink and party like there’s no tomorrow. It’s actually the most wonderful time of the year because it is the only time when we can have all the fun, eat and gain a few extra pounds, and spend a whole lot of money without the guilt feeling at all.

Christmas is so magical that we tend to forget to check what’s happening in reality. The lighted streets, raucous parties, and shopping sprees have blinded almost every one of us to see the true spirit of Christmas. We fail to remember that our happy Christmases began in a poor and dirty manger.

What I Really Want for Christmas

As you have read (or not) on my previous blogs, I have been writing about the things that I badly WANT. Mga luho, kumbaga.

When I was in college, I was deprived of these. Saving up would take ages as I have to make sure that my scanty allowance is enough to sustain me and my photocopies (that I never got to read) for the rest of the day. Belonging in a group of “sosyal” friends did not mean that I have to keep up with their pace. I am definitely one of the most kuripot person in that circle.

Now, I’m earning on my own. I have a good job enough to sustain my family’s needs, enough to pay the bills, and just enough to give in to the urge of buying the things that I want.

Vector Art: Cassey

This is my friend Cassey, a rockin mom to a 3 year old handsome son. Raising a kid on your own is not easy, yet she was able to go through all pain and perils of being a single mom without losing her cool. She’s one of the strongest person I know and I truly admire her for that. It’s her birthday yesterday, and this is somethin that I made for her. Happy Birthday Cassey!

Vector Art: Phats

Just because I got bored. Decided to do a vector for my buddy, Phats.

Vector Art: Self

This year, I decided to create a vector of myself. This is my very first vector and probably won’t be the last one for the year. It’s not yet too late to create more. :)

It took me almost a week to finish this. But I am so happy with the results.

I know I am improving. Yay!

Coca-Cola Christmas Special: The OFW Project

Two videos from YouTube became viral today. One is just plain showbiz sh*t, and the other is a total heart melter and tear-jerker.

I’m talking about Coca-cola’s newest ad, The OFW Project Video.

This really made me cry. My father is one of the 11 million OFWs who works really hard to provide for the needs of his family. This is going to be the sixth time that he’ll be spending Christmas 8,000 miles away from us. His hard work paid off though. My sister and I were both sent to a prestigious university, we didn’t starve, and our home is almost done.

DigiArt: Klyde

Drawn a caricature-ish digital art for my friend who's got a son that rocks. :)
Finished product :)

I did not succeed as a nurse. So what?

I have this callous. It’s thick and it’s dark.

Ten years ago, I chose to study nursing because I thought this career could take me to a good life: work abroad, have a car and build my dream house.  One hundred hospital duties, thirty absences and countless pink slips later, I dreaded the fact that I chose Nursing.

I regularly slept in class, I flunked a major subject because of accumulated absences, and I loathed every second of every day of every 8-hour health care lecture. I just didn’t like it. It cost my parents more or less than half a million pesos to send me to nursing school and I ended up being a disappointment.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat!
It’s my son’s first trick or treat experience and I dressed him up as Raggedy Andy! He’s an eye-catcher, he stood out among all those little devils, little superheroes and little villains there. I got this costume at ebay for only $0.99 - thrift shopping at its finest! :)

Isn’t he adorable? 

He was also bringing his ragdoll all throughout the event! Way to go cutie! Mommy’s so proud of you! :)

You Know You're a Mother When

This morning I folded a mountain of clean clothes, put away my own and tucked it in my closet.

Then something dawned me.

My closet is not as full as they used to be. My wardrobe is the same as last year’s. Nothing is new. Yet, we are still having problems with closet space because my son has more clothes and shoes than he needs.

Perhaps it’s a mother thing.

Do Not Read This

I’ve been selling online for more than a year and everything went well until today. I just received my first ever negative feedback in ebay. It was from a buyer who got disappointed for not getting the item that she ordered. When in fact, I only sent her exactly what she bid for. It was a $29 worth of brand new authentic perfume, which she only paid for less than $20 by the way. I believe I have accurately described the item, stated all the details that a buyer has to know (which I assume she did not read), and even posted the actual picture. She said it’s not the type of perfume and the scent she wanted. Geez.

It does not only happen in ebay. It happens everywhere. People can read but they choose not to. How many times have we been a victim of our own stupidity just because we are too lazy to read?

Reading is sexy.

Read the announcements. Read the reminders. Read the labels. Read the fine print. It can save your life.

Read a little. Read a lot.


Because it pays to read.

Although with all honesty, I never cared to read the EULA and ToS. LOL

Back When Romance was Different

This morning, I was rummaging on a pile of boxes to sort out what has to be thrown out and what has to be kept. I found old notebooks, handouts, old photos, wedding souvenirs, collectible cards, empty boxes inside the boxes, trophies, cobwebs, and a hell lot of thick dusts. Then I stumbled upon this shoebox. It was old, dirty, and full of memories.

Inside, I have kept a lot of letters written on scented stationery, random notes on a piece of scratch paper, greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks with dedication written at the back, candy wrappers, and a Linkin Park cassette tape, all from friends (and admirers) that were given to me mostly during special occasions or given heartily on any random day.

But my most treasured of all was the first letter given to me by a high school love. It was made of cheap cardboard paper. It has 3 pages and each page is colored with crayola with a stenciled I ♥ U on the background. Outside the letter are poorly cut popsicle sticks on the side, a printed picture of a red rose at the middle, and behind the very thin paper are bold handwritten words in fancy writing that say

Of Logo Designs and Fashion

For the past few months I have been joining logo design contests. Now, I have savings for a car and I owe it all to my amateur designing skills! LOL. Wishful Thinking.

Recently, a new logo contest was launched and it is about fashion. I have to make a logo for a social site where you can get fashion inspirations. At first, I was ecstatic. Probably because it’s a girl thing and almost all the other amazing graphic designers out there are males. It’s going to be an edge. It’s going to be easy for me.  And I was so determined to win it.

But as I started to hold my mouse, nothing came in. Not a single idea came. I stared at the monitor for a long time thinking what the hell am I going to do?

Paella Valenciana

After spending the whole day at the beach we gave ourselves a sumptous dinner treat!

Paella Valenciana from Paradise Island is a must-try! I'm a bad food blogger. So yeah, I can't really give you a lot of details. I don't know how much it costs, what ingredients are there, what other dishes are on the menu, and whatnot. All I know is that we ordered a serving good for 5 devoured only by 3, including a picky eater toddler. haha


What could be more rewarding to go out away from the buzz of the city life, leave a pile of work, and just chill out on a beautiful white-sand beach? This. Is. Life.

I wish weekends are always like this.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

I was just about to whine of the too much hype everywhere about the new iphone 4s. And  I know how much I wanted it and I am very well aware that don’t have the money to get one. LOL. But i’m good with my current phone. It served me well for a long time. Despite its dents and heavy scratches, it’s still the most beautiful, and yes, useful thing ever. Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs.

Apple will never be the same without you. Rest in peace.

Fried Oreos

A friend shared me this recipe. Thought it was weird. Well, it sounds kinda gross.

But I was soooo wrong. I never thought fried oreos would be this yummy! Ha! You should try it too. Making it is as simple as A-B-C!

For the ingredients you only need these:

Because today is Mother's Day

If this is true, then am I a SUPERHUMAN?

At 24, this petite little body gave birth to a 6-pounder healthy baby boy via Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. I never felt pain. No screaming, nothing like in the movies, no epidural anaesthesia, no pain relievers. Only pure courage, excitement and a wee bit of nervousness.

Inkling, please?

I used to draw on paper,  scan it, save it in my computer, then color/enhance it in photoshop:

Will Striptease for Harry Potter

This morning, I came across this great site that sells handmade and vintage-looking accessories. And much to my delight, I saw these awehoooosome Harry Potter merchandise. Talagang nanlaki ang mga mata ko. I was this close to adding everything to my cart but there’s just soooo many to choose from. And I can’t choose because I WANT TO HAVE THEM ALL! *sigh* If only my paycheck’s enough ~_~;

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I took the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. And it's not surprising that I failed. I have to blame laziness again. Haha.

Anyway, I'm not really a good illustrator. But I enjoy drawing, nonetheless. And I'm sharing it with you.

Day 1: Yourself
Ugh. I suck at self portraits. I don't even think I can draw my own face. So to lighten the awfulness (and have an excuse why it looks distorted) I decided to draw a caricature. Hahaha

Day 2: Favorite Animal
This is Amber. She was my dog. This sketch reminds me of Falkor (a dragon from the Never Ending Story which all along I thought was a dog). Wherever you are Amber, I hope you're in good hands. I miss you so much bebe girl. :(
Day 3: Favorite place
I lost it. I drew the peak of Mt. Apo by the way.

Day 4: Favorite food
I think I lost it too for I couldn't find it. I drew a frozen yogurt.

Day 5: Best friend
They may not be the best of the bests out there. But they're the best buddies I've ever had.
Phats, Tsugz, and Ranz

Mommy moment

He was a teeny tiny baby who sleeps most of the time, pees and poos from time to time, cries when hungry. Too helpless and too dependent. And it just amazes me how time flies so fast. Really fast. He's now running around, chasing and getting chased, and trying to do things on his own.

Bye Straight, Hello curls

"Kahit ano. Kulot kaya?" (Anything. Curls perhaps?), said a girl with a very straight hair 5 hours ago.

I got myself a perm.

No, I did not think about it. It was an impulsive decision.

One minute I thought my hair is boring, the next minute I'm already at the salon.

I just want something new.


I love it. Because it's messy, it's so random, and the hair is so spontaneous. I don't have to fix it. And I now have a reason not to comb it.

I am now a lioness (with a mane). LOL

To fitness and beyond

I desperately wanted to gain weight. I eat a lot a, got pregnant, and at 25 I still fit on my high school uniform. I’m not exaggerating, I really look small and it doesn't look good. I know there are a lot of factors why I’m not gaining weight even though I have the appetite of an elephant. First,I prefer veggies over meat. Second, I don’t like to eat sweets (dark chocolates is an exception for that matter, take note, it’s not sweet). Third, I sleep less. And lastly, I am active, I play football.

Right now, going to the GYM is my best option to gain weight. You see, I know a lot of friends who are as thin as a stick, but now have those lean and mean bodies when they started going to the gym. I don’t really want to have those hard-rock bulging muscles, I just want to look tight but not thin.

For the past three days, I went looking for the best gyms in Davao City. Here are those on top of my list after reading some reviews over the net:

1.) Metrolifestyle Davao

2.) Holiday Gym and Spa

3.) Smashville Fitness Center

4.) Matina South Health Studio

Next week, I will be visiting each of these gyms to see where I would like to work out the most.

And just yesterday, I got myself a new pair of shoes, a few jogging pants, and a few tops for gym use. Excited much? ;)