Nothing Compares to Weekends Spent Simply with Family and Coca-Cola

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Every day, I'm juggling between family, work, and house chores. As someone who spends stressful hours on weekdays, weekends are definitely the days I look forward to.

Davao itself has a lot to offer if you want an awesome weekend blow-out;  bands, party, booze, beaches, food, adventures, they're everywhere! On weekends, I have the liberty to stay up late and wake up late, spend hours chilling at the mall, get wasted at late night gigs, or have a blast on a planned out-of-town getaway. But ever since I became a mom, weekends have never been the same.

During the first year of being a mom, I thought weekends stopped being fun. Well, actually it did. The supposed hours spent chilling at the mall is replaced with a mountain of laundry and clothes to iron. Gigs turned to whines, woes, and endless badgers from my little monster. Getaways become pretty exhausting that I would rather stay all day in bed, recharging for another stressful week. In short, weekends were no different from my dreaded work days; it turned to be a routine that's downright tiring and a hell lot boring.

I thought I'm gonna have to live with and get used to that. But then I chose not to. I prodded myself to let go of my old life and embrace the new one instead. I opened my eyes to an abundance of small blessings. Yes, the sudden change of my weekend activities has caught me off guard but it taught me a lot of things too, one is, learning to appreciate and be thankful even to the littlest and simplest things.

Gone are the days of being careless and free. But who says I can't have fun without the usual gigs, parties and getaways? I believe that even the simplest things and the most mundane activities can make the weekends the greatest. Point is, there are little things around us that can actually make us happy, only, they often go unnoticed. I always think or plan of the great things that I want to happen instead of looking at the things that I already have, so it's no surprise that I ended up complaining. I have always regarded that it is the grandest, most expensive, and finest happenings that make the best memories; but I realized that more often than not, the fondest and most cherished ones are created from genuine happiness. Happiness in their simplest form.
Good book + Coke + scenic view of Mt. Apo. A well-deserved weekend. :)

Revisiting the Old Davao...

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....through photos!

I was born in 1985 in Manila, but we moved to Mindanao before I turned 1. I spent 27 years in Davao but only cared about my hometown when I turned ten. I never really got to see the beauty of Davao in the late 80s and early 90s. But thanks to Davao of the Past | A Repository of Old Davao Images, I got the chance to visit my beautiful hometown even in the earliest times.  Yep, even as early as the days of Spanish Colonization.

Delight came over me as my eyes feasted to more than a hundred old photographs. I feel so nostalgic even though I know I haven't been to that time, but I know it is where I always belong. Seeing the beautiful and developing years of Davao has made me happy; but sadness coupled with yearning also dawned upon me as I know I will never be able to visit those places. Not in their grandiose form, to say the least.

These are just a few of my favorite photos that I grabbed from the page (circa 1920s-1980s, in no particular order). Way better than any instagram filter, right? So see for yourself the beauty the old Davao has to offer. What would I not give in a heartbeat to jump back to this era? :)
The old cinemas in Claveria where we used to watch a movie doubled with another movie.
 Of course, this photo is way older. 

Duterte has Davao's Support

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We came from different cultures, different families, practice different religions, go to different schools, live different ways. We are so different in so many ways but there's one thing in common about us, WE ARE DABAWENYOS. And we are so proud of it.

Well, who wouldn't be? Davao is the only place in the country where I feel I am most safe. It's the only place where you can actually walk around downtown area in the wee hours of the morning while flaunting your most expensive gadget and not feel worried about it. Or where taxi drivers don't take advantage on you, especially when you're a tourist. Or where you can't spot a single smoker in the open (yep, health-wise, it's the safest). And yes, I can name more.

Thoughts On Being a WAHM

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When I'm on facebook, I don't just spend my time stalking on people's profiles and read about what they do with their lives. I join groups. Groups for mommies, bloggers, freelancers, hobbyists, online money makers and whatnot. Groups where you find healthy discussions, lessons from experiences, advises, and whatever useful tips you can get from there. Yep, these groups actually prove that facebook's existence is not just for stalkers, braggart, and/or attention seekers - just like every one of us. hahaha

While lurking on one of my most visited groups, Girltalk - a group for women, particularly moms who want to share their journey of motherhood, I came across a number of threads about full-time working moms who are in a dilemma of quitting their jobs to become full-time hands-on mom.