Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts On Being a WAHM

When I'm on facebook, I don't just spend my time stalking on people's profiles and read about what they do with their lives. I join groups. Groups for mommies, bloggers, freelancers, hobbyists, online money makers and whatnot. Groups where you find healthy discussions, lessons from experiences, advises, and whatever useful tips you can get from there. Yep, these groups actually prove that facebook's existence is not just for stalkers, braggart, and/or attention seekers - just like every one of us. hahaha

While lurking on one of my most visited groups, Girltalk - a group for women, particularly moms who want to share their journey of motherhood, I came across a number of threads about full-time working moms who are in a dilemma of quitting their jobs to become full-time hands-on mom.

Not everyone is privileged to have an uber rich husband that you can just take your hands off work and focus on the kids instead. It is difficult because at times like this, when bills, milk, diaper, medical, and tuition fee prices go sky high, I can say that money does matter. You work because you want to provide. Provide not just what you can, but provide what you think is best. Right?

Upon hearing(or should I say reading) the sentiments of other moms, I have realized that I am indeed very blessed. Every day, I work an 8-hour shift, and at the same time I tend to my son's needs and prepare him for school, and during breaks or just right after work, I am still able to do a few house chores like cooking, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and/or doing the laundry.

Everyday is too much of a juggle, I would say that. Hiring a yaya even occurred to me, but I oftentimes ditch that thought because I can still handle one very active toddler, the pressing house chores, and the light pressure from work.  The routine's pretty exhausting, really. But I'm not complaining (although sometimes, I do!). When I do, all I just think is to be thankful that I have a job that earns pretty well (at least the boyfriend doesn't have to shoulder all the expenses, plus it puts my self worth at a level), a house that I keep in order, and a family that I can take care of.

Not everyone is lucky to become a work-at-home-mom (WAHM). It's really tiring but the rewards are oh so priceless. I can just take my hands off the keyboard anytime my son asks for a kiss or a hug, who wouldn't love that? :)


  1. It really is very rewarding to be a stay-at-home mom but it does entail certain sacrifices as well.

    1. yeah, I definitely agree with that. But I would look at the rewards more than the sacrifices. ;)

  2. Im getting confused na tuloy! Im also into blogging but I know Im not as good as you and I cant earn with blogging. Gusto ko rin sana maging isang WAHM, but I dont know what skills I can share or how to start working at home. I have 2 kids and Im working as a bank specialist while my husband is a stay-at-home dad, wala kaming yaya. I dont know what will happen to us once we move to Laguna. Mabubuhay na kami independently... I'd love to be at home and spend time with my family, pero alam kong di naman kaya ng situation. :)

    1. I dont earn from blogging. I just blog to express. But there are light jobs you can do at home. You can try being a virtual assistant, a transcriptionist, or a data encoder. You might want to check for homebased jobs available. :)


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