Bookshelf Tour

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 5 Comments A+ a-

For months I've been going back and forth the sites Share Your Shelf and Book Shelf Porn.  I really enjoy looking at other people's bookshelf. Bookshelves fascinate me. And I easily fall in love with bookshelves no matter how organized and disorganized they are. Finding new reads, seeing what others read, what books we have in common, how one organizes his shelf... I think it's orgasmic. I believe that is every book lover's nature. Right? So, I thought I would like to share and bring you on a virtual tour to my own bookshelf.

I don't really organize or arrange books in particular way. Although, I do rearrange my books (for hours!) from time to time because I find it comforting. Mind you, I am a very messy person, but when it comes to my shelf, OCD always kicks in. hahaha. Although I was never one in the first place. It's like some OCD inducing bug bites me whenever I get near my shelf. LOL.

While others organize their books by genre, by color, or by author. I just put whatever fits. But, fantasy books always go to fantasy shelf, and series/trilogies/sagas always go together. Anyway, here's a closer look for each shelf. Just click the images for a bigger view.
Wheel of Time Shelf, Lord of the Rings, Abhorsen Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss
Topmost shelf: Fantasy shelf :)

Random Thoughts on Reading and Books

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 7 Comments A+ a-

- I love to read.

- I read whatever I get my hands on.

- Although I'm not a particularly big reader. I have an inconsistent reading habit. I may read 10 books in a month or I don't read anything at all.

- I may be a fast reader that I can devour a 750-page novel in just one day or very slow that a 300-page book might take a month. I guess it depends how much a book can captivate me.

- One thing is for sure, I don't leave a book unfinished, no matter how much I struggle getting through to the last page.