Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bookshelf Tour

For months I've been going back and forth the sites Share Your Shelf and Book Shelf Porn.  I really enjoy looking at other people's bookshelf. Bookshelves fascinate me. And I easily fall in love with bookshelves no matter how organized and disorganized they are. Finding new reads, seeing what others read, what books we have in common, how one organizes his shelf... I think it's orgasmic. I believe that is every book lover's nature. Right? So, I thought I would like to share and bring you on a virtual tour to my own bookshelf.

I don't really organize or arrange books in particular way. Although, I do rearrange my books (for hours!) from time to time because I find it comforting. Mind you, I am a very messy person, but when it comes to my shelf, OCD always kicks in. hahaha. Although I was never one in the first place. It's like some OCD inducing bug bites me whenever I get near my shelf. LOL.

While others organize their books by genre, by color, or by author. I just put whatever fits. But, fantasy books always go to fantasy shelf, and series/trilogies/sagas always go together. Anyway, here's a closer look for each shelf. Just click the images for a bigger view.
Wheel of Time Shelf, Lord of the Rings, Abhorsen Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss
Topmost shelf: Fantasy shelf :)
Historical Fiction Shelf, Hunger Games, Divergent, Mysterious Benedict Society
Shelf 2: Mostly Historical Fiction (I love Nazi/holocaust/WWII reads), and some dystopian/sci-fi novels
Paolo Coelho, Fiction Shelf, Og Mandino
Shelf 3: Mixed. Sci-fi, murder mystery, thriller, contemporary romance, books from Og Mandino and Paolo Coelho
Harry Potter Shelf, Fiction Shelf
Shelf 4: Hardcover shelf and some mixed books
Barnes and Nobles Leatherbound Collection
On the floor: Leatherbound Classics. Sadly I have to put it back in the box until the move.  Details about this collection here.
Mixed books. Mostly some of my son's books, a few non-fics, and others. :)

I can read just about anything. I can endure and finish even the most boring books. My shelf doesn't necessarily reflect the books that I've read, because I read even in my phone at desperate times. Not everything I read finds its way to my bookshelf though, unless it's given. Books are expensive, and if I have to buy one, I want to make sure it's worth re-reading or worth keeping. These are the books I got since high school, but mostly I acquired these when I was in college and when I was already earning on my own. My shelf is not that huge like the ones you see at the sites I mentioned. But it's growing and I love it nonetheless.

Anyway, that's all for now. Stay tuned for Bookshelf Tour #2. My collection of books I left at my parent's house, mostly books I enjoyed when I was a kid (if it's still there and not yet donated) and mostly non-fiction ones too. :)
This is my bookshelf in all its glory and it's dangerously about to barf. And that's even after I've already purged some duplicates (well, just some duplicates because I just cannot ever let go of my very first HP books) and the least favorite ones. As much as I'd want to buy a new book case, I won't. We'll be moving in a few months and I'll be having a customized reading nook at our new home! Woot! So for now, I'll just leave that as is. Like that.


  1. I like the fact that you have the books that I want to read. Haha! Very nice and clean bookshelf. I like it. :D

    1. Yeah, I think it's the only place in the house that I always keep clean and organized. What books do you want to read?

  2. Thanks for the tour. It's so nice to see your collection. I admire you for reading all those books. I'm also into reading but it's really my schedule that won't let me read. :( Would love to see your Tour #2 soon! :)


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