A fork on the road

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Right now, I feel I am irrationally attracted to someone. And it is not just a mere form of sexual or romantic attraction. I know it runs deeper than that. There's a connection. A strong one at that. It feels like there's something in my core that inevitably, irresistibly, and inexplicably pushes me to connect with that person.

And that connection is the reason why from being a risk-taker I became too cautious because losing that connection is what scares me the most. On the other hand, if I don't take risks, I might end up losing what's already there.

I hate dilemmas. This is kinda hard. All my life I thought choosing what dress to wear is the hardest thing to decoide on. haha

Embracing the ordinary

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While commuting on my way home, I caught someone looking at me with a hint of smile in his eyes. Then I realized maybe he caught me in deep thought while staring blankly in an open space and then suddenly smiling from time to time. I may have looked crazy at that moment, but I can't help it, there are just simple things that can make me smile, and even just the thought of it can already make me happy.

If there's one thing life has taught me, it is to be thankful for the simplest and even the most ordinary things in life.

There's really no need to sprinkle on a little fancy or throw in flowery words to experience the extraordinary. Ordinary things can really be awesome sometimes.

Sharing ordinary moments with someone, like for example, having a simple but intimate conversation under a tree, or simply blurting out the same set of words simultaneously (this is a rare phenomenon and it is something to smile about hahaha), or simply talking about random things over a cup of coffee, or a simple holding of hands that can send shivers down your spine -- these are the kind of moments you (or I, for that matter) would love to hold, cherish and would tend to reminisce over and over.

I believe in simple acts, simple words, simple everything because they are, after all, the genuine ones; and nothing can beat something that is real. :)


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That's exactly how I am feeling right now (and the past few days, of course!).

I never believed in chemistry (although it was one of my favorite subjects before). Chemistry, spark, compatibility, really? I was skeptic until I was the one who experienced it first-hand. Funny thing is, at 28, I never thought I'd feel this way. You know, just like the way you felt during those teeny weeny years when you got butterflies on your tummy. But this time, I know it is something more than that. Something more profound.

Bliss. And it is genuine.

Yeah, it feels good. No, it feels insanely great. And to say that, is an understatement.

Why this post? Well, I get mushy once in a blue moon. The moon may be waxing at the moment but I guess tonight, I'll be as mushy as my other self - the one named "Jane". Inspired, here's something I've written. This is sugar rush. LOL. This is what being smitten can do, it brings out the softy schmaltzy-waltzy cheesy side of me.

by Sarah Andres

Ignited. There's spark.
A breathtaking firework in the dark.
Is there a special formula?
'Cause it flared like a supernova.
What's this feeling? I don't know.
It feels good, I don't want to let go.

We click. We jive.
When I'm with you I feel alive.
We laugh. We smile.
One look, I know it's all worthwhile.
We look. We hold.
Our story waiting to unfold.

Will this last? Nobody knows.
Whether it grows or it blows,
I'll forever be thankful 
That in my life so dull,
I found a beautiful heart, soul, and mind
 To which mine can, without a doubt, collide.

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