That's exactly how I am feeling right now (and the past few days, of course!).

I never believed in chemistry (although it was one of my favorite subjects before). Chemistry, spark, compatibility, really? I was skeptic until I was the one who experienced it first-hand. Funny thing is, at 28, I never thought I'd feel this way. You know, just like the way you felt during those teeny weeny years when you got butterflies on your tummy. But this time, I know it is something more than that. Something more profound.

Bliss. And it is genuine.

Yeah, it feels good. No, it feels insanely great. And to say that, is an understatement.

Why this post? Well, I get mushy once in a blue moon. The moon may be waxing at the moment but I guess tonight, I'll be as mushy as my other self - the one named "Jane". Inspired, here's something I've written. This is sugar rush. LOL. This is what being smitten can do, it brings out the softy schmaltzy-waltzy cheesy side of me.

by Sarah Andres

Ignited. There's spark.
A breathtaking firework in the dark.
Is there a special formula?
'Cause it flared like a supernova.
What's this feeling? I don't know.
It feels good, I don't want to let go.

We click. We jive.
When I'm with you I feel alive.
We laugh. We smile.
One look, I know it's all worthwhile.
We look. We hold.
Our story waiting to unfold.

Will this last? Nobody knows.
Whether it grows or it blows,
I'll forever be thankful 
That in my life so dull,
I found a beautiful heart, soul, and mind
 To which mine can, without a doubt, collide.

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