Ma, Pa, Thank You!

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I was not born with a silver spoon.

In fact, I wasn't born with any spoon at all. I remember being poor. But I don't remember how it feels like to be poor, I just remember being loved. Looking back to where we came from, I grew up with hand-me-downs and that being treated with a slice of pizza would already mean the best day ever.

We also didn't have a house of our own, so it's no surprise that we moved quite a lot. From one church parsonage to another to the squatters area in Claveria to the shady slums of Piapi Boulevard to the outskirts of Puan, it's not a wonder living in those dog eat dog communities that I developed this astig (badass) personality. However, I was raised well. My dad worked two jobs, he's a church pastor and also a government employee. My mom, a public school teacher, who had to work to a far-flung area also sold ice candies and yemas for extra. We definitely had tough times. We almost had nothing but like I said, we have LOVE.

The Truth About Hiking

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I just came from the longest, most strenuous, and most painful climb I ever had. I know what I am capable of and I thought that the Mount Kitanglad- Mount Dulang-dulang (dubbed as K2D) traverse wouldn't be any trouble for a relatively fit person like me. I do a lot of hikes and have even gone as far as doing pretty badass buwis-buhay ones. I know K2D is going to be hard, but not demotivating, spirit-crushing hard.

I underestimated that climb.

For three weeks, I was idle. I stopped training Muay Thai and went binge-watching over the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series (don't ask). I did no body conditioning, no carbo-protein loading, no training or whatsoever prior to this climb. End result? I went home with a knee injury and a vow never to do another climb.

You see, as rewarding and breathtaking those hiking photos you see on Facebook may seem, truth is, hiking is a serious business and IT ISN'T ALWAYS FUN. What's so fun about heavy packs, thin air, dehydration, freezing temperature, and leg cramps anyway?
Mount Apo Peak
Any experiened mountaineer will be quick to point out that this image, however awesome and breath-taking it looks, does not take into account the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, and pain that come with it.

I have been hiking since 2006, but I won't and will never claim to be a seasoned hiker nor an outdoor expert. But I have a pretty good list of experience enough for me to think that a K2D traverse - pegged by some as one of the top 5 most challenging hikes in the Philippines - wouldn't be all that bad.

It Was Indeed the Fairest Night of All

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I have never thought that a year after attending my very first Davao Bloggers Society Christmas Party, I will be one of those who will prepare and manage this year's Christmas party.

You see, I have been appointed as the sexy-tary, I mean Secretary of the Davao Bloggers Society. Have I known about the drawbacks that come with it, I would have not accepted the role. Because first, I am no longer eligible to win raffle draws nor will I have the chance to bag the Best Personal Blog Award for this year's Davao Blog Awards again. Bummer, isn't it? Second, being an officer can get exhausting. No kidding, kapoy sya.

But then, even if I waive several raffle prizes and grow eyebags from those late night preparations, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm thankful for this. I am thankful for this new family. And nothing can ever get so rewarding when you pull off something you devoted your supposedly-free-time with that made everyone else happy. :)

So for this year's Christmas party, the officers (and by officers I mean, Kuya Andrew - it was originally his idea and we think it's brilliant) have decided to go for a Disney theme. And I thought it was easy because we all grew up with Disney. Turns out this only happens when you're a kid. To an adult, however, it's a different story.

Although honestly, while everyone was frantic about what to wear, I had my costume prepared 3 weeks before the party. I decided to come as Pocahontas because I don't think there is another Disney character that fits me well (Mulan, perhaps? But then...costume). I just want to make-do of what's already in my closet, which is a skin-toned body con venus cut dress perfect for a pocahontas. All I had to do was just sew the fringes, make a belt, and voila! Nailed it. I didn't even have to spend a hefty amount for it. ;)
Errr... I just realized I forgot to remove my wrist watch. Haha. Photos by Jim Carlo of

Mondays and Rainy Days

Thursday, December 1, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

The past week until today has been the Mondayest week ever. To be honest, it felt like I am stuck in an episode of The Walking Dead where everything nasty and ugly is chasing you and badly wants you dead (and here I am talking as if I watch TWD). For more than a week, I really thought the universe hates me because nothing seems to go right. I was already on the verge of becoming a nutcase. Then Columbia happened.
And bubble wraps. Yes, bubble wraps kept me sane.