Lessons from our SarBay adventure

By Sarah Aterrado - November 06, 2013

Ever since I became a mom, I have inadvertently alienated myself from all forms of fun. I was reluctant to nightlife parties, I've always said NO to barkada outings, booze became a thing of the past, and the list goes on. Family-work-chores-wash-rinse-repeat. Yes, I was that lifeless. The only ember that's keeping my life aglow is my son.

Life was quite easy (and bland) back then that boredom became my comfort zone. But I guess I've seen what I am becoming, a wallflower - unsociable and almost non existent to many people, that I decided to step out of it and become human once again.

My new job, or my officemates slash new found friends rather, have opened a new portal for me. The life I never had in the last four years is slowly coming back. And I am already seeing the way I once was: a free spirited kid.

Okay, I'm already getting deep. So before I drown you with my sentiments, let me just tell you where my thoughts are coming from. Last Sunday, my colleagues and I went on a getaway to Gumasa, Glan, Saranggani Province - a 4-hour trip away from Davao. Everything from the bus rides to the long walks to the food we ate to the games we played to becoming hitchhikers sucked the stress out of us.

We weren't really prepared. So Boodle fight, why not?  
To cut the story short, I (we) really really really really really had fun, and it has been a long time since I enjoyed something this much. Note: without getting intoxicated. Just pure, unadulterated fun. I was once again a kid for a day with nothing to worry about - just the wind on my hair, the sun on my cheeks, the sand on my feet, the waves smashing on my face, and of course, the boisterous and contagious laughter that almost got my jaw breaking and my tummy exploding. The 20 hours we spent together made me feel alive again. And I really thank God for that.
The photos above are the only decent photos we have. We never really had the chance to take a lot of pictures, because like I said, we really had fun. But anyway, here's a video of one of our crazy episodes. And I apologize for the stiff neck this video might have caused you. hehehe

I have been going through shit lately and I deserve this much needed break. Perhaps, this is a wake up call not only for me, but for any adult whose life is already losing its luster. It sucks to be an adult, and I guess it wouldn't hurt if we play and sprinkle in little daily doses of fun, be silly, be spontaneous, do something crazy, or simply, just stop acting like adults sometimes... kids have all the fun and clearly, we're missing out a lot of things here.

How about you, when was the last time you had fun and truly enjoyed yourself without thinking of work, finances, any responsibility, or without any obligatory duty as a parent, sibling, spouse, or an employee?

Two words: HAVE FUN.

It's healthy. :)
I think I left my heart in Sarbay <3

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