Sunday, April 27, 2014

Run Forrest, Run!

I aimlessly went to my old room upstairs for unknown reasons. Perhaps I just want to check how it looks now or maybe I was just looking for something to do. While randomly opening cabinets and rummaging old boxes, I was so surprised to find a thing that I've been looking for a long time. This:

An original VCD of one of my most favorite movies of all time, Forrest Gump. Take note, this is the only original VCD I have ever bought my entire life. And just so you know, it took me ages to save up for this. Php 399 is no joke for a college freshmen with no more than a hundred peso allowance daily, minus the fare that already took one-fifth of it, lunch money, and endless handouts to be photocopied. What's left is for my daily dose of street food and an hour of internet usage, to which I sacrificed all. It is worth it.
And yes, it is still in mint condition.  I've lost this once and in a long time, and I'm not gonna lose this again. This VCD will find its home along with my old letters and memorabilia in an old shoe box. :)

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