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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fitter, Happier

From the moment I set foot in to the world of mommyhood and becoming a WAHM at that, I didn't have the chance to do the things that I wanted to do, like getting into sports. I poured all my energy to changing diapers, nursing a baby, household chores, and a designing job to make the ends meet. Everything from my drive to my passion to my stamina to the endurance of strenuous physical activities slowly went away. If you have read my previous post here, you'll understand what I mean.

Now that Rhett is transitioning from toddlerhood to boyhood, he is starting to become independent. Meaning, he is becoming less clingy to me and would rather play rough with the boys of his age around the neighborhood; and he's started school already. So for that matter, I also transitioned from being a work-at- home-mom to becoming work-away-from-home-mom in favor of financial stability. And yes, this extrovert self is also in dire need for a social life because I feel I'd go insane if I stay one more day isolated.

Having to work in a new environment also gave me a little liberty to have a new hobby. Something that I wanted to do for the longest time, something that will rekindle my passion. I stepped out of the doldrums and started to learn badminton. It didn't take a long time before I got hang of the sport and I'm loving it!

From then on, I made sure I inject sports to my lifestyle at least once a week. It didn't take long before I am seeing myself becoming that sporty chic once again. From badminton to table tennis to basketball, I try to be active at every chance I get. And just last Sunday, I joined a 5k Color Fun Run. It's my first run ever since college.

By run, I mean serious running, right pacing and a time I try to beat. Yes, I tried to beat my record in high school but failed miserably. Haha. But still, I did this for fun. And I am happy to know that I'm starting to regain my stamina for I didn't have trouble catching my breath all throughout the run and yep, no side stitch. :)

Being active has a lot of perks. I am able to sleep well at night and feel fully recharged the next day. The only drawback, I easily lose weight. And you all know how I badly wanted to gain weight. Skinny problems, I know. Haha. But anyway, I couldn't keep myself idle, so I guess I'll just devour whatever food I can get my hands on, I'll just burn them away anyway --- Well this, I know is something you're gonna envy. Haha.

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