Confessions Vol. 2: I Am Very Messy

I arrived home sleepy and my mind drifting. Went straight to a familiar door, turned the knob, put my bag down, removed my clothes and threw it carelessly on the bed, then I changed to my usual pambahay. I was about to throw myself to bed when I realized that I am not in my room.
Here's a glimpse of my room now.
And I'm not sorry for the mess that I have just made.


I was. I just didn't recognize it immediately because it is freakin' clean. Spotless clean.

I looked around feeling a little spaced-out until I realized the need to charge my phone before the battery runs out completely. I frantically looked for the charger everywhere but to no avail. Where the hell is it?

See? That's the problem when someone cleans my room without my consent. No. Scratch that. That's the problem when my room is clean. I don't know where things are. If I could get my room back to its old state, I absolutely know where to find things even if it is under pile upon pile of clutter.

I think the longest time my room stayed clean in a row was around 2 days and it goes back to being messy again. I like it that way. I am absolutely able to relax in a messy room. In fact, I can think better and straight with all the clutter around me. My creative juice is flowing when everything's a mess. Mind you, I've been working as a web and graphics designer for years in a desk you don't want to touch for fear that something hideous might come out of it.

I am more organized when everything is disorganized. I have my own system of orderliness and cleanliness isn't one of them.

I know it isn't a good thing. My mom has been struggling for years to get me to clean my room and keep it that way. She never succeeded. Society isn't really that friendly to messy people too. I've been told a lot of times how messy I am, sometimes with that look of disgust. I just laugh about it but at the back of my mind, I always have this urge to say, "Thank you. My life as a messy person is far more exciting than yours."

But to save myself from the people's mindset that no good will come out of a mess, I actually scoured the internet for answers, and pronto! Read on: The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms: Why The Most Creative People Flourish In Clutter

And that being said, I also have my share of the things I learned or gained from being messy:

1. Improves memory. While you struggle to remember where you put your keys, or a book, or your pair of shoes, your memory is actually doing some exercise. The more you use it, the more it gets better.

2. Improves your balance and your motor skills. The challenge: be able to go from your door to your bed without tripping. You carefully weave through all the objects on the floor, you stand on one leg like you're playing hopscotch, you hop on one point to another like you're avoiding a raging lava, you dodge that swinging cabinet door, or you try to catch a distant falling object at a speed of light. If you do these everyday, there's no doubt you develop good balance and coordination.

3. You become resourceful. Most of the time, messiness is brood by laziness. If you need something, sometimes you just have to make-do of the things that your hands can easily reach.

4. You will learn the art of recycling. Of course, there will be a time that you will need to de-clutter. You will learn to sort which junk is useful and which is not. You will be surprised to see how little junk you can throw away.

5. You will never get bored. There is always something to find. Found money under your bed? Score! There is always something to do. Let's play a game. How about that popular "Hidden Object Game"? What's more exciting is, you play in real life.

So, there I said it. Being messy isn't, after all, a bad thing. Life is an adventure. And adventure should start the moment you wake up. *wink*

P.S. Nobody cleans my room on a regular basis. It just happened today because we had visitors coming. /facepalm


  1. My room these days are always messy because I don't have time to clean my room haha :D I can sleep on just 1/3 part of my bed, 2/3 clutter :D but I love cleaning my room and organizing things when I have time, it's a therapy for me to clear my mind naman :)

  2. We also have quite a disorganized and messy room because my sister and I share the space together (and the closet? oh you can't imagine). But we have the weekend spared for decluttering. And yes, we manage to do it on a regular basis.

  3. Hahahaha...relate much. I am like that when I am still single. But now need to change my style, because I have two teenagers and I am afraid if I keep on doing that kind of a messy thingy they will follow me.