Sunday, October 26, 2014

Island Hopping

I can't remember how many times I've been to the beach just for 2014. Now, I'm really staying true to what I claim myself to be: a beach bum. Hehe. I just woke up from being knocked out after a whole day of Island Hopping with friends to celebrate my friend, Kevin's birthday (in advance).

I'm actually still at lost for words. My mind isn't fully functional yet.  I guess all that swimming and that dive I did from the top deck of the boat are to blame for that (*cough* excuses * cough*). So I'll just let the photos speak for it. I really don't have a lot of pictures though, some of these are just grabbed from my friends. :)
Kami at ang eskandalosong monopod ni Justin. Ok lang, smile pa rin.
The gang. Teka, bakit wala ako?
The girls. :)
Ciao time!
Fish feeding.

Umm.. Fish catching? Haha
Oh well, even the photos are unable to say how much we enjoyed earlier's beach escapade. We definitely had a blast. It was tiring but fun. 2014 has not ended yet. We still have 2 months for another beach escapade and I'm looking forward to it. Sunugan ng balat na ito! Haha.

Off topic: F.C. Barcelona is losing. It's 3-1 to Real Madrid as of this writing. What a bummer. Haha. Anyway, I'll be off to sleep now. It's gonna be a long day later and I'm actually looking forward to it. :)


  1. Isog kaayo ka sar. Amazing kaayo imong dive. Taas baya kaayo to. Pero mas nalupigan pa nimo sa bretch na kapila nag attempt. Hahahaha

    1. not bad for the first time, eh? Haha. Mali lang kay kang bretch ko nagpatudlo na di man to kabalo. Hahaha. Peace bretch!

    2. Pero nibagting akong utok ato actually. Feeling nako di man siya taas pag ambakon lang na normal. pero pag dive kay taas jud diay kaayo siya. Sige lang, at least dili hapla akong pag dive. haha


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