Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An Unexpected Guest

A few weeks ago an old friend dropped by unexpectedly. He's a regular guest, always coming unannounced.

We had something way back. We were roommates for a varying length of time. I think he's cool. He says I rock in that Taylor Swift raccoon eye make-up. We watched movies together and he loves Harry Potter too. We read books together and we do it all night long. I think he's smart. He always has this way of stimulating my mind. We exchanged ideas from night until morning. He's creative too. Sometimes he fuels my imagination as I've done a lot of artworks with him. I had a lot of fun and memorable experience with him that there are times I would never want him to leave. But he left anyway.

It's been a long time. We haven't spoken for months or maybe it was a year ago since I last saw him. I have watched the World Cup alone that sometimes I wish he'd come so I'd never have a shut-eye moment and we can both cheer for our favorite teams. He never paid a visit. Not once. I already felt comfortable and got used to not having him around. I felt so much better without his presence that I almost forgot about him. Until one day he came through the back door.

He discreetly went straight into my room and unpacked his bag. He used to bring with him trepidation, loathing, and regret. I'm not certain what he has for me this time. One thing I know is for sure though, he's not here to stay for the night. He even went with us on a short vacation just recently.

As much as I no longer want to welcome him, he's an old friend that's hard to push away. I'll be waking up to my dreams again, good or bad. I'll be having 3am musings again, like this one I am typing right now.

But I have to send him away as soon as I can. I no longer want to sport that raccoon eye make-up because I just realize it doesn't look good on me. I can no longer entertain him for I now have a life after dawn.

I know I am in a love-hate relationship with him. And right now, I don't want his company.

His name is Insomnia.

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