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By Sarah Aterrado - November 04, 2014

Yesterday, I was supposed to be buying a book for my goddaughter who just turned 15 last Nov. 2. Yep, I was only 14 when I became a godparent. Kaya ngayong sumasahod na ako, kailangan ko ng bumawi. I am really happy she wants to have a book for her birthday. I didn't have second thoughts on buying her one even though I have been avoiding bookstores because whether I'm broke or not, I never got out of there empty-handed. But this time, I decided to step into the bookstore again, keeping in mind that I will only buy what I needed to buy. Much to my dismay, the book that I am looking for isn't available.

I can't help but look around. And just by that, I am well-aware I am losing the battle. There is no way I can fight the urge. One book. Just one book, I thought to myself. Lo and behold! I came out of the bookstore like a child grinning from ear to ear with a bag full of candies, except I was clutching these:

I told you, it's a bad idea for me coming to bookstores. It feels like every bookstore puts me under a spell that would make me not want to resist buying a book and I am too weak to dispel that. Well, I haven't purchased a book for months. And I'm not sorry for that lame excuse I just made to make me feel less guilty about going berserk. What gives? I am so happy with my purchases anyway. I don't think I will ever regret spending a hefty amount of hard-earned money for books. Ditch the shoes, bags, make-ups and gadgets, I think this is the only material thing that can take me on a high. :)

Well, what made me really happy is that I have finally completed all 14 books from The Wheel of Time series. Yay!
The Wheel of Time Series Complete

I am gonna be on an epic journey again. 

And yes, I need a new bookshelf. 

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