Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lab!

Happy 30th birthday to my best friend, my confidant, my mentor, my challenger, my bully, my biking buddy, my travel mate, my panda bear, my pillow, and of course, my inspiration. You have always been my rock. And even though I don't really like relying on other people, I seem to rely on you so much. Yes, you are spoiling me, so thank you. Haha.

Aside from the 100-peso ukay-ukay jacket that I inadvertently got for your birthday which is really not useful for every day use, and since I got nothing else better to give, here's just a simple post to let you know that I am indeed very thankful for all the things you do. :)

Thank you lab for being there for me, not because you have to but because you want to.

Thank you for your messages that fire up my lazy mornings.

And when you kiss me before we part ways, thank you for I go home with my heart smiling.

Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on during the lowest point of my life.

Thanks for teaching me a new sport. I never thought I would love pingpong as much as I love badminton. I just wish we would have the chance to play again.

Thanks for turning into a sponge whenever I vent out my anger and frustrations about those big or little sh*ts in life. You're the best shock absorber ever as I get through it all smoothly and smiling.

Thanks for always reminding me to keep a healthy lifestyle because we both want to grow old together.

Thanks for being the reason behind my widest and giddiest smile.

Thanks for teaching me how to handle heated arguments. For teaching me how to be humble and take down my pride. You, Sir, are making me a better person.

Thanks for always challenging my mind. Our conversations about logic, the universe, quantum mechanics and all that shit people do not really like to talk about always perk me up even though at some point I don't actually get what you're saying. Physics in general, for example. Haha.

And more than that, thanks for our intimate conversations. You are the only person I have talked to for six hours or more. And it did not only happen once. Would you believe that?!

Thanks for keeping up with me. For being with me in my craziest adventures.

Thanks for being my inspiration and motivation to do the things I have always loved to do.

You are the only one who can bring out the girl in me. I'm not used to it, and it's not cute. But thanks, anyway. Haha.

And above all, thanks for being you. Thanks for being the love of my life. For loving me despite my flaws and my kakulitan. Yes, I will be the nuisance of your existence - constantly biting you, squeezing your flab, and stealing kisses endlessly until it gets so annoying; because I know that no matter how I get so annoying, you will still be there. Haha.

Thank you lab, and happy happy birthday!

I pray for your good health, success, and of course, happiness. And do you think it would be too much to ask if I also ask God if you can spend all of your incoming birthdays with me? Here's for your 30th. I love you, Jan!

Syet. Ka-korni. Pero sige lang. :P 

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