Seven Falls, Lake Sebu

By Sarah Aterrado - April 05, 2015

After an exhausting hike at Lake Holon/Mt. Parker and rewarding ourselves with a much needed rest, we went to Lake Sebu the next day to experience the Seven Falls zipline. Just so you know, ziplines no longer excite me. As a matter of fact, I find them boring. The only time a zipline gave me the thrills was the first time I tried it and the rest didn't really satisfy my appetite for adventure and adrenaline. The Seven Falls zipline, however, is by far the best zipline I have ever tried.

First Leg: 740m ride

Not because it is considered as one of the highest ziplines in Asia nor because it is known as one of the longest in the country, nor because of its speed if you consider that fast, but because of the scenic and breathtaking view of the different waterfalls it offers you while on the ride. The ride was so exhilarating and the views are equally enthralling it can literally take your breath away. We're so happy we've tried this. Look, the pictures will tell you so. :)

Second Leg: 420 m
I won't be giving details on what waterfalls we've passed through and what their names are because I did not take time to jot them down while I was there. Yeah, I'm lazy like that. And I'm bad at remembering fares, fees, and what not. So I really can't give you any useful information aside from the fact that this ride of a lifetime is worth 300 pesos per head during weekends and holidays, and that's it. Geez, I could never really be a travel blogger even though I have the heart for traveling and blogging. Haha. The entire point of this blog is just to share my experiences anyway. And today, I just want to share our wonderful experience because I think this is something that you don't also ever want to miss. :)

After that great ride, we went down to have a closer view of one of the waterfalls and saw wild and free monkeys along the way. And after trekking down a little to reach this waterfalls and slipping down the rocks into the knee-deep water that rendered my waterproof shoes useless (haha), we went back to our start point where we left our heavy bags via the 774 steps. We've trekked and survived Mt. Parker less than 24 hours prior to this trip, going up 774 steps, was just, oh well, a piece of cake. Haha.

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  1. Hello. We rode habal2 from Mt. Parker to T'boli (fare is 100/head). Then from Tboli we went to Surallah terminal (van is 30-40php..i'm not sure about this though). Then from there we rode a van going to Lake Sebu (around 30php).

    They actually offered a habal2 ride from Parker to Lake Sebu, but it's too expensive. They charged 1k (for 2 heads).