The Canibad Experience

By Sarah Aterrado - May 04, 2015

Hello, folks! I'm back. While everyone is still not over today's boxing match's big let down, I finally got over with being lazy in writing the next post of my two-part blog. You can read the first part of our misadventure here.

Here goes for the second part...

So Jan and I made it down the mountain. It was already sundown and we had no idea where we were. There were no vehicles to take us to town and we really needed to find a place to eat and stay for the night. Good thing, we met friendly people who told us the nearest resort is just 2 kms away.

We've already trekked steep and rugged terrains, a simple 2-km trek is just a piece of cake. We walked in a relaxed pace knowing we can almost call it a day. Then somewhere in between the rough and rocky road, I saw a familar sight. We're in Canibad! Well, after the horror of getting lost in the mountain, we deserve a place to chill and relax. And I guess, the odds were in our favor this time... Canibad is just perfect.

We hastened our steps to get to the resort as soon as we can. We're exhausted and we really need to eat and rest. But much to our dismay, every resort was already fully booked. Going to the nearest town is definitely out of the question because the road in Canibad is unforgiving and since it's already night, no one would take us to town anyway.

Thankfully, the Madyaw Resort caretaker Ate Jovy was too kind to let us sleep in one of the rooms that's not really for guest use (a storage room, as a matter of fact). The odds were indeed in our favor. I guess, she took pity on us after seeing our condition: sweat dripping, weary, exhausted, and really hungry. The room's not much - far from the luxurious rooms couples usually get for their anniversaries. Haha. But still, we're thankful it has a mat on a tiny bamboo bed, an electric fan that barely gives off air, and a newly installed led light for us to use. We are really really really grateful for it. Magiging choosy pa ba naman kami?

The following morning greeted us with a sore body. De-stressing at the beach is just what we needed. I would like to think that getting lost was a blessing in disguise for we ended up in a little paradise. I know I suck at taking pictures. But oh well, what more can I say? We enjoyed this getaway and I'll let the pictures speak for itself. :)
Canibad, Samal Island
Canibad, Samal Island
Canibad, Samal Island
Canibad, Samal Island

Of course, at the end of the day, a deep muscle full body massage is imperative.

That's it. :)

Thoughts About the Anniversary Getaway
I love how our outdoor adventures can be both exciting and romantic. I love how we are a great team no matter where we are - be it on a highland, underwater, or underground. That we can laugh even at the random shit happening to us. That we can get really comfortable with all the uncomfortable things. That we know we can lean on each other during our absolute worst. I love how we learned to be strong for ourselves and each other. Doing new things coupled with a good conversation can indeed do a lot of wonders to a relationship.

Our anniversary getaway has taught me a lot of things. This hike was able to push our thresholds, patience, and endurance. Our physical, mental, and emotional state were all tested to the limits and I am glad we're able to work through the hard times. And I believe it just made us even closer together. :)

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  1. I had to google Canibad! Looks gorgeous, I wish it weren't so far from Manila. :(

    Happy anniversary to you and your boy. <3

  2. It reminds me of some places here in Morocco 😍 it looks absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your time with your man ^^