Confessions Vol. 7: Stationery Addiction

Look what came into the mail today! Meet my new slaves of creative expression. After hoarding almost all ball point sizes of Uni Pin pigment ink pens, and now this, I don't want to think things are just starting to get out of hand. Who can resist them, Sharpies?
Sharpie 80's Glam

I am addicted. But I'm not on crack. If I am, then I would say the office supply stores are my drug dealer. I don't know what's with these bookstores and office depots that they always render me powerless. They are evil and I'm vulnerable. There's a force that drags me right into it, put me on a trance as I pass from one aisle to another, and I never leave without clutching a thing or two.

Who doesn't love the smell of Sharpies? Haha
Back in grade school, I have this fetish for school supplies. The now-defunct University Mall (now City Tri) was my favorite place to hangout after school (and also Alemar's that happened to be just across it). It had everything I love - from Sweet Valley pocketbooks to Archie comics to stationery here and there. I used to have a drawer full of notebooks, journals, memo pads, pens, pencil, highlighters, stickers, or any cute stationery before (and most of them were too cute to be used). Nothing perks me up more than back-to-school shopping - the only positive side of a new school year. Haha.

I thought I've left this fetish behind more than a decade ago when I embarked into college. Because during college, that rebellious phase, I barely bring anything at all. I'm good with a pen and yellow papers bought just outside our school. And that's already enough to warrant me survival although not with flying colors. Anyway, it turns out that at 30, I am still a stationery addict and a sucker for notebooks with rustic design. Everything came back in a flash when I started having my own work space again. 
My office supplies
Most of these pens are new. The memo pads (there are actually a lot more under) are from the old office I previously worked with and some were given. Others are old stuff. I have three staplers by the way, and I don't know why.
Probably a lot of people won't understand that awesome feeling that washes over you when scoring some pretty notebooks, cute clips, or those adorable erasers that smell really good. To tell you honestly, there's something very oddly satisfying about stationery and it does make me feel better.

I went to National Bookstore the other day to check out some books. But I went out of there 350-pesos poorer. I left with a new mechanical pencil, two lead refill packs, a notebook, an eraser, and four metallic colored gel pens; and only to realize that it was more expensive than buying a mass market paperback copy of The Kite Runner. I tried to justify my purchases though but I don't think I did well. Haha. I needed the mechanical pencil for my sketches as if the five pencils I have are not enough. The eraser can't be passed on because it has always been my favorite  brand even though I have 3 more erasers that deliver the job pretty well. The four metallic gel pens are too cheap (Php 19 each) to have amazing brilliant colors. And I think I needed one more notebook to write down random thoughts despite having four unused ones on my desk.
Bookstore Haul

This stationery addiction bug has definitely bitten me again. And I'm scared of the damages it can do. Well, I've had an expensive albeit low maintenance hobby (that actually bites) before, so I don't think this would be put me in a financial peril.

Yes, I am, once again, obsessed with pens and markers because, in a way, it is unleashing and rekindling my creative side. I know, having too many pens isn't really a wise investment unless you use it for a living. But hey! It's no different from girls who splurge on guilty pleasures like makeups and whatnot. Yes, it's pretty much the same, mine just doesn't prettify the face. *wink*

How about you? To what are you addicted to?


  1. I like pens and notebooks too! #ifeelyou *wink

    1. Yay! Cheers to us who hoard pens and notebooks! :)

  2. Gosh! Same here! NBS is a dangerous place for me. I never get out of there without making damages in my pocket. Hahaha

    1. Hahaha. Why do they have to be so damn hard to resist? :)

  3. I am so glad you commented on my post or I shouldn't have known your blog! Bookmarked it right away! I'm not really artistic pero I can be artsy at times kaya I love hoarding pens and notebooks talaga. Every payday, nauubos pera ko sa mga ganitong bagay. My siblings think it's pointless pero bahala sila. Haha.

    Alyssa of

    1. Thanks! I've bookmarked your blog too. :) People really don't understand the joy of hoarding pens and notebooks. Haha.