My Sanctuary

By Sarah Aterrado - July 09, 2015

I've finally set up my work station. My sacred space. It is still a work in progress though as I plan on putting a cork board and a clock on the wall. And until I don't have a big monitor and a very comfy chair, then I cannot say I'm all set. But for now, I can say my work space is absolutely my favorite place in the house.

Remember how my desk looked before? Well, my blog does. And that was already the tidiest it can get. Thought I'd show you this new sacred sanctuary while it is still in its immaculate form. I know myself well, and I don't think this clean desk will last a week. But I will try to keep things neat every now and then. That's a promise.

I spent a couple of days deciding how my work space should look. I wanted something that's welcoming, visually attractive, and relaxing. It took me a while to decide on the theme. At first I wanted something cute because, well, cute. How can I argue with cute? But cute comes with light and many colors, and I find it too flashy and distracting.

So I have fine-combed almost every novelty and thrift shops here in Davao, and found a few things that I think would be perfect for my desk - and at a cheaper price too. So here's how my desk looks now:

My Workstation

So I'm thinking of giving you a little tour to my sanctuary.

On my right, you'll find my Wacom Intuos graphics tablet that's been with me for more than a year and is barely used. With this new set up and all the free time I have, I might be able to abuse this. I also got this iron wrought Eiffel Tower that is just perfect to remind me of my European dreams. And of course, there's no better home for my erasers and other tiny stationery other than that Italy tin box. I've also placed some of my notebooks and books for personal reading (and motivation. These books are actually my mantra) like, Who Moved My Cheese? and The Greatest Salesman in the World. Add The Little Prince too.

Amazingly enough, I have also found this Little Prince organizer/journal that deserves a space on my desk. It's so beautiful I don't think I could even dare to write on it.

On my left is a picture frame that also functions as a pen holder. The phone booth, bike, and lamp post remind me of London. And instead of a photo, I placed a quote to inspire me instead. And I really love looking at it. I've also snagged a plastic plant from our bathroom. Haha. I'll be staying in front of the computer for a long time, so a little green would be a big help to my eyes. And of course, a soccer ball paper weight that has been with me for more than a decade now sits there prettily. :)

That's my desk. I like that it doesn't look cluttered and doesn't look empty either. It's not yet done but I must say, I am happy how I themed it. It speaks of travel. This should serve as a reminder for me to work hard for my dreams of traveling the world. :)
My Workstation

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  1. nice set up. i realize i commented in your blogs in ilonggo. your blog connects with people, i am comfortable reading thats why i forgot your not ilonggo. your like a friend already. i hope you understand them. :-)

    1. Most of my cousins are coming from General Santos City and they speak ilonggo. So yeah, I can fairly understand and speak (a little) ilonggo. :)