My Life as a Blogger and Other (Not so) Recent Shiznits

I have over 50 drafts to date and not one of them is worth publishing anymore. Panis na kasi.

I don't know if I should feel bad about that or the fact that I got more stories still waiting to be written (cue: I Can Wait Forever by Air Supply). The blogging wells could run dry sometimes and I have a few things to blame. One, I am busy. And by busy, I mean, I do a lot of things that has nothing to do with productivity. Two, I have never failed at procrastinating. Three, blogging on a mobile device is absolutely frustrating.

But none of that really matters. No one's holding somebody a hostage to get me to write. So it's not really a big deal. Heck, the word deal should not even be brought up here. On the other hand, I feel like I am the one being taken hostage by this blog and it is demanding me to write something - and it does not matter if it is sensible or not. Damn you, blog. Why don't you just leave me alone?!

I can always quit though. It will save me the pressure of having to write something regularly that's not of a disposable value. But I won't. Whenever I am asked why I blog, I always give one solid reply. So if you are waiting for me to answer "because I earn from it" and expect me to talk to you about monetization strategies and shit, you picked the wrong girl. I have kept ads off my site. I find them annoying but not the same way those bakit-kung-sino-pa-ang-corrupt and drama-lang-walang-trabaho ads get into my nerves. But still, no one likes pop-ups and flashy banners, so I think I am kind of nice to spare you that one.

But I know you will not also buy my overused and overrated line, I blog for expression. Though I do love to express myself explicitly sometimes because I would explode if I won't be able to.

Blogging for expression is only half the truth. Of course, there's more to that story. The other half is divided into: one, I love the attention I get from it. Not everyone might openly admit it, but truth be told, any blogger would want readers and their attention. Otherwise, we would have just kept a private journal. And two, there are those little cherries on top of a pretty icing on a three-tier black forest cake which we can also call, the blogger perks.

As a small scale blogger who writes only about her misadventures, mundane activities, and what grinds her gears, I get to enjoy free passes, VIP seats, free dining, free trips and accommodation, free access to paid and premium services, gift certificates, free gadgets and so much more in an exchange for verbal diarrhea - the only diarrhea that I fervently enjoy. Although most of the time, I just get them with no strings attached.

The first two months of 2016 have really been great. Blogging has been slow but it was great. And believe it or not, it was not just all about the huge raid of freebies here and there. Blogging became a gateway to a lot of my life's little and even big accomplishments. And I am really grateful for that. To name a few are:

1. First and foremost, I finally took my commemorative trophy home. :)
Bloggys 2015

It took 3 months before I finally got my hands on these. I relished the few minutes of ecstasy when these were handed to me before my feelings got taken over by annoyance to the overwhelming Manila traffic.

2. Salomon Citytrail 12k Run
Salomon City Trail Run

This is actually a proud moment for me. It's my first time to run 12k. Heck, I have never even ran 10k before. And this is not like any other runs. I'm glad my leg muscles didn't give up on me especially on the uphill parts. And oh, did I mention that only the first few finishers can get a Finisher medal? *snickers*

Plus, I couldn't be more thankful for having Jan. He was with me the entire course of the race. He was at every checkpoint to make sure I'm okay. He was always somewhere, nagaabang, just to hand me water when I needed it. And even ran with me at the 8k mark. He's not even a participant to begin with.

I just love how I was treated like a kick-ass princess that day and he, being my knight in a shining black jersey. :) (Sorry na, gusto ko lang talagang ikwento anong nangyari)

Thank you Salomon, R.O.X., and DBS!

3. Won Electrolux's Do More with Less Blog Contest
I never had the intention of joining writing contests until I stumbled upon this one. Seeing the prize as something Jan (and his brother) might really need for their room pushed me to give it a go. Plano kasi talaga nilang bumili ng aircon, pina-hold ko lang. Baka kasi manalo ako, sayang din yung perang pambili. 

I did not get the first prize though. But I am still happy I won a runner-up. It's a nationwide contest, so seeing that I am one of those who topped among a number of participants is already saying something. Here is my entry [7 Ways to Do More with Less on a Holiday Season].

And yeah, that's a free vacuum cleaner FTW! Thank you, Electrolux!

4. Have BEEN actively participating in Duterte campaign
Duterta 2016 Ballers
Along with a few Davao Bloggers Society (DBS) members and other volunteers, I am honored to be officially part of the campaign team. I have envisioned what the Philippines will be like if Duterte wins. It would hurt more if I haven't done anything like investing a little of my time and effort and another corrupt or incompetent candidate will take the seat of presidency for the next 6 years.

But I do feel bad that I haven't actually written a single article ever since the campaign period began. I couldn't even blog about my mundane activities, let alone come up with a good write up Duterte deserves. This is the time when I wish I have a mindset like Sir Manny PiƱol, or wish I have a strong political opinion , or perhaps be brave enough to face cyber crucifixion, or simply just be active, I mean REALLY active on social media for that matter. Sigh.

5. Stupid cupid hit me in the heart and it was a bullseye
Gandiva Archery

This shouldn't be included here because I have actually missed that event. A month ago, I have been cursing myself nonstop when I failed to RSVP to the Davao Bloggers Society's archery event during Gandiva Indoor Archery's opening at G-mall. I have always wanted to try it and I missed the free opportunity. Geez. But hey, Jan has really his ways to sweep me off my feet. Haha. He took me to the archery range and I couldn't be any happier that night. And yeah, I have got to say, I am pretty good for a first timer. Pinalayo pa nga namin ang target. Mga feeling hawd man. Haha. :D

6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Brew Your Best Masterpiece Street Art
It's a dream come true and this deserves another post because right now, I'm too lazy to write more than two sentences for this awesome-i've-always-wanted-to-do-this experience. But thank you Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! Please stay tuned. :)

That's all for now. I still have a lot of pending posts and I would love to betray my laziness sometimes.

And damn, I still have got to learn those blogger poses. Come on, Sarah. I know you can do better than this.
Blogger Poses


  1. This convinced me to blog again. I want those free makeups.

  2. Hello! I stumble upon your blog and i really love it. I like your writing style. :)

  3. Congratulations on all your wins and accomplishments!