Saturday, June 25, 2016

Of Birthdays and Testicles

I never really look forward to my birthdays. My 20s isn't all that awesome and isn't really my favorite decade. Climbing the hills of my 30s isn't that glorious either. At least, that's what the internet told me.

My face has been slammed with those "30 Awesome Things to Do When You Are 30", or "You'll Regret It If You Haven't Done These 30 Things Before 30", or "10 Life Lessons People Should Learn Before They Turn 30", or "10 Things Successful People Do By Age 30" yadda yadda. I never really read the entirety of such listicles because my attention span extends only up to 3 list items and the rest would already sound gibberish knowing I have miserably failed.

What I realize being 30 living in a digital world where listicles are published as fast as the rabbits reproduce is that they tell you a whole lot of things you already know. It's packed and arranged in a fancy list that's easy to digest and you'd find yourself nodding in agreement, and it sure does make you feel good about yourself.

Nothing is wrong with it. But like fast food, when you decide to have a quick meal at McDonald's instead of having a home-cooked nutritious meal, you will get the same feeling of fullness but all you get is junk. Aside from listicles being just click-bait cheap hits that don't have real substance in it, it definitely sounds like testicles. Although unlike testicles, you'll be seeing more and more of these as long as the internet is alive. And I believe if you had too much testicles errr I mean listicles for your entertainment, the brain simply refuses to keep working. So stop snacking on junk and eat a more substantial story (your cue to close this site).

Don't get me wrong, testicles I mean listicles aren't all that bad. Bad content is. 95% of the listicle headlines I've read on the internet tell you how to live your life. And I don't think that's healthy. It's like the internet is telling me, "Hey Sarah, these are the 30 things adults in their 30s should do, and you're screwing it up."

Screw you, internet. What I am trying to say is, just let me have my own experience and live my own life, internet. Let me make my own dumb mistakes and have my own dumb epiphanies. I remember back then when people used to tell me "Ayan kasi. Sinabi ko na yan sayo dati. Hindi ka lang nakinig." Not that I don't listen. It's just that, like the listicles, none of that will really matter until I experience it and make the mistake myself. People can tell you your whole life that knives can hurt but that doesn't mean anything until you cut yourself.

Anyway, before my thoughts can go out of hand and turn this into a testicle errr I mean listicle-hating-post, I just want to share how I celebrated my 31st birthday (this is what I had in mind before my fingers started to type this loathe-inducing post. I don't know how I ended up talking about testicles). Life in the 30s seems to get better even if the internet says otherwise. Maybe because the older I get the lesser I care about what people (and the internet) think about me and I am absolutely enjoying the kind of freedom I get from it. Plus, I think I'm finally learning to get my shit together.

So here's how my birthday went:

1. Got inked
I've been meaning to get inked for the longest time and finally, for my 31st birthday, I decided to give it a go. And it is dope.

Does it hurt? Knowing that I have a high threshold for pain, yes, it does. But it is tolerable and you'll get used to the pain in no time.

2. Got suprised (but busted it)
Officemates tried to sneak in and set up my desk, but I caught them before they could finish it. Haha. But I do appreciate the thought and their efforts. I never thought I'd still be in for a surprise in my 30s though.
Thank you, Z family! :) #Forever21
3. Got surprised (for reals)
Now, this is something that I never expected. I mean, Jan just took me on a guilt-trip because I did not get him anything for his birthday then he gives me this. Haha. Ge lang, mubawi ra ko sunod. Jan's amazing ways of knowing what my heart desires even without me dropping hints never fail to surprise me. I am really thankful for him and this wonderful gift.
Guys, meet Lava. He's going to be a great travel buddy for sure. :)
4. Feasted like a Viking
Last but not the least, to cap off my 31st birthday, dinner date with Jan at Vikings! Well, it's not everyday you get to have a 100% discount on an all-you-can-eat great food.
Photo on right: It's not the first time my family name got confused for my first name. But then, do I look like a guy named Andres? Haha

Happy 31st, self! Stay awesome.


  1. "Jan's amazing ways of knowing what my heart desires even without me dropping hints never fail to surprise me" ---- Sweet! That's because he pays attention to you. :) Happy birthday, Miss Sarah! Love the tat!

  2. kanawong mo sa imo lovey sar. :) happy birthday!

  3. Not surprised you talked about testicles. Happy birthday, sarj!

    1. We went to the same Nursing school, so it's no surprise we'd talk about testicles and the human reproductive system. Haha

  4. ganda ng tatoo. happy birthday ms sarah!

  5. astig a! happy birthday maam sarah!

  6. Oh! I'm already way behind! Astig nga ng tattoo! Happy birthday miss Sarah!


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