Friday, September 23, 2016


Funny how I have always thought that Boracay isn't one of the places I am eager to set my foot on. I have heard a million times how overrated, expensive, and overdeveloped it is. But when Jan and I decided to go, I just couldn't contain my excitement!

Maybe Boracay is a whole lot different to the places devoid of the tourist conveniences we've mostly been to and enjoyed. But I won't skip experiencing something so beautiful just because people labeled it as "touristy" or "not worth the hype".

And does it really matter? Honestly, I don't give a shit where our feet would take us.  It's whom I am traveling with that matters the most. It's traveling with Jan that I am most excited with. And I don't care if it would take a 24-hour butt-numbing bus ride, delayed flights, and stranded nights just to chase the sunset with him. I love those moments when we sit back, have our breaths be taken away, gaze far, and talk about our hopes and dreams. Just as long as we're together, then I could not ask for anything more.
I just realized we don't have any bus or airplane selfies, kaya ito na lang. One of our first few travels. December 2013.
Although I wish we were born rich with trust funds and all so we can travel the world and never have to worry about running out of money or Vacation Leave credits. We still have a lot to scratch off our bucket bakit list. We'll go places, do things,  and answer questions like, "Mahirap naman pumunta dyan, bakit yan ang pinili nyo?", "Bakit nyo ginagawa yan?", "Bakit nyo pa sinubukan? Alam nyo nang delikado" (hashtag that #nganonienter). At marami pa kaming sasagutin sa tanong na "bakit", which could only mean marami pa kaming lugar na tutuklasin. 

Counting the days with less than a week left. Damn, this waiting game is killing me! Fast forward to Thursday na please.


  1. buti pa u ms sarah. gusto ko din magbora

  2. Oooh Bora! May aaabangan na naman akong post mo!

  3. Hi maam,

    I really like reading your blog. Specially your travels kasi I can feel I became part of it kahit binabasa ko lang. I'm really looking forward for your Boracay travel maam.

    God bless!


  4. @Everyone Thanks for dropping by. Just wait for it. Sana di majinx. Haha.:D


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