Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mt. Capistrano Dayhike

Hanggang saan aabot ang bente pesos mo?

Sa Mt. Capistrano po.

Standing just around 600+ mASL, Mt. Capistrano has become a favorite hiking destination for newbies and seasoned hikers alike.

The unique rock formations at the summit urged me to climb this mountain even though I was advised not to do any hikes until my knee is fully healed. But then, you're talking to Sarah. When has Sarah ever listened? #WagGayahin

We originally planned to hike at 6AM. But since we wanted to catch the sunrise and be able to go to other places in Bukidnon, we decided to start trekking at 4AM (even without headlamps). Thankfully, our phones can also function as flashlights - which we were actually very reluctant to use just so we can still have enough battery to take photos with it when we reach the summit. Haha. Again #WagGayahin.

The trek starts with a cemented stairs, which will lead to steeper trails with ropes to assist the hiker. The hike was actually pretty easy. Although, I would imagine it to be difficult when it gets muddy during rainy days. And even more so that we didn't even wear proper hiking outfits.
We didn't have pictures during the ascent since it was still dark. Most of our pictures were taken during the descent.

You will know you are nearing summit when rock formations begin to appear.

We made it to the summit after an hour and a half of trekking. We were the first ones to reach the summit. So we really got to enjoy the mountain all to ourselves. We had a plenty of time to rest before the sun came out showing us the majestic mountain ranges that surround us. It was beautiful and breathtaking.

The only ugly thing about Mt. Capistrano is the vandalism. Since it is only a leisure hike and entrance fee is really low (Php 20), it's no surprise that anyone - even those who are not aware of the principles of Leave No Trace - can climb there and do whatever the hell they want. I hope the LGU does something about this before it's too late. Require all hikers to have an orientation first before the climb, perhaps? But I do appreciate their efforts in keeping it clean as a clean-up drive was happening when we were there.
Vandalism at the rocks behind me :(
Anyway, despite that, we still enjoyed the beauty Mt. Capistrano offered. Since we got there about an hour earlier than the others, we took the liberty to take photos while the summit is not yet jam-packed with people. We ate our breakfasts, had little socials, and decided to go down when people started to flock and get loud.

With Mark (his first climb) and Ismael

How do I actually go across the other rock without falling? Natakot. Kaya nagselfie na lang.
Of course, an obligatory couple shot. Haha
We almost got lost on our way down since we couldn't recognize or should I say, we haven't actually seen the trail we have passed through going up. One trail leads to our jump-off point and the other leads to another barangay. Good thing there were mountain rangers who pointed us the right way when we already started going down the wrong trail. I wonder saan kami pupulutin after kung nagpatuloy kami.

The descent was supposed to be easy but my knee was killing me. It took us a little more than an hour to descend not because I was slowing down but because there was already an influx of people going up and the trails are really narrow. Di na kami nilubayan ng traffic. Pati sa bundok meron din po.

A view of the rice fields will make you stop and get awed with it from time to time.

Nevertheless, it was a great hike. Even though it didn't start out well (I'll never do another night trek without headlamp ever again) and did not end really well (the knee was hurting so badly), it feels great knowing I have influenced another person to start and keep hiking the mountains. We definitely had a good time.

Mt. Capistrano, located at Malaybalay, Bukidnon, is an easy hike. It's just a short trek with little technical features in between assaults. It's a good starter mountain for newbies and a perfect hiking destination for those want to train regularly for the next major hike. I wish Davao had something the same (as if I can still do another hike). Geez, my knee is already pleading mercy. So I might take a 2 or 3-month long hiatus or even more before I conquer another mountain. This time, I will strictly enforce this to myself kasi baka tuluyan na akong malumpo.

Side trip at Over View Bukidnon
Davaoeño pride.


  1. nagsimula na rin akong umakyat ng bundok. first mountain ko is mt. gulugod baboy. its an unforgettable experience. and i will do it again.

    1. Wow! That's really nice to hear! I wish you more good health and more strength to conquer more mountains! :)

  2. required ba ang guide?

    1. Hi. I don't think a guide is necessary. But you can always hire one to help the locals. :)

  3. Safe ra mag overnight camping dadtu?

  4. Yes. Pero gamay kaayo ang camp. Mga 2-3 tents lang siguro masigo. Wala man pud camp site sa summit since puro sya boulders.

  5. Pila ka hours ang trek? Need mag trekking shoes?

    1. Nagtrek mi mga less than 1.5 hours. Depende sa inyong pace. Usually 2 hours ang uban. Dili kailangan magtrekking shoes. But kung nag ulan, kailangan ninyo ug sapatos na naay ayos na traction para dili danlog.

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  7. Hi po. Allowed ba na wlang tour guide? And if may tour guide how much dn po. Hehe

    1. Hi. As of 2017, it is mandatory to have a guide. Php 500 for 5 pax.


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