Sunday, January 1, 2017

Photo Dump: The Best of 2016

2016 was a roller coaster ride. A lot of sh*t happened. But then again, a lot of great things surprised me too. And here are a few pages of the 365-page book that I have just finished writing.

First Quarter
L-R, top row to bottom
1. Salomon City Trail Run (12k)
2. Archery. Not bad for a first timer. ;)
3. Twas a dream come true to finally paint the walls of the streets
4. Strawberry picking at Baguio
5. Sea of Clouds at Mount Pulag
6. Won Electrolux's blog writing contest
7. Adopted this little fella and named him Appa
8. One day luxurious weekend getaway at Lorelei
9. My favorite human turned 31 ♥
10. Sunrise at Mount Apo
11. Ran for the rehabilitation of Mount Apo
12. Team building with Z fam at Maxima Aquafun

Second Quarter
L-R, top row to bottom
1. Became a partner for change
2. Wrote an article that went viral
3. Iligan, the city of majestic waterfalls
4. Second year anniversary at Mount Agad-agad
5. First-time voter
6. Misadventures in Balut Island
7. Sarangani Island
8. Olanivan Island (fresh sea urchins and fresh fishes abound here)
9. My dearest one's 7th birthday ♥
10. Got inked
11. Lava, my ukulele. Birthday gift from the boyfriend.
12. Forever 21

Third Quarter
L-R, top row to bottom
1. Muay Thai
2. Became a product ambassador for HairFood Co.
3. Appointed Secretary of the Davao Bloggers Society
4. Ugis Peak
5. Date nights be like. ♥
6. Beer, Beach, and Bathtub?
7. Monfort Bat Cave
8. New shoes for river trekking! #SupportLocal
9. First time to perform solo in front of an audience
10. Traveled alone to GenSan for my passport and it was frustrating but ended up a success
11. One of our many weekend camp-outs by the beach. My kind of weekend.
12. Pahayahay sa Hayahay Private Resort

Fourth Quarter
L-R, top row to bottom
1. Authentic La Paz Batchoy, Netong's, Iloilo City
2. The Ruins, Bacolod
3. Sinful indulgence. Bacolod's Byron's Backribs for only 150
4. River trekking at Tambara Trail in Talisay, Negros Occidental
5. Marang overload!
6. Helmet diving
7. Boracay sunset
8. Pocahontas for a night
9. Resorts World Manila's Familiarization Tour
10. Annie, The Musical
11. Mount Kitanglad
12. The enchanting mossy forest of Mount Dulang-dulang

Seeing all these photos, I would say, I definitely had a great year. I can't say it hasn't been challenging, as it offered a lot of challenges as well. But it has made me better and stronger than I was before.

I'm quite excited for 2017. I know it's still going to be full of tae, but I am going to make it awesome. So whatever 2017 brings, just bring it on baby!


© Life is so full of tae!
Maira Gall