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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Taking My Travel Adventures to the Next Level

2017 looks promising to me.

I am putting my travels to a whole new different level. And since I am not built to be a solo traveler, of course, Jan has to tag along with me too. Haha.

That would also mean, he has to cooperate and grow a layer of callus or two on his face (mas makapal, the better) because he will also be included in my vlogs. Yes, you read that right. I will be vlogging my misadventures from now on. If there's one thing that I regret about our travels, that would be not having the patience and diligence to document all my adventures through videos.

I still haven't mustered the confidence to go around the city talking to the camera on my hand though. I really don't think I will ever make it as a travel vlogger. However, I will be doing this to practice for my ultimate dream. And if you're curious what that dream would be, you'll know it when I get there. And no, hindi ito pagaartista. Haha. You'll also hear me speak English most of the time. You could get annoyed with it or I may sound too "trying-hard" for you, but I will make no apologies for that. Because yes, I really am trying hard. That dream requires a lot of speaking and most probably in English and with an audience too. So yeah, go figure! Whatever naysayers say, I'll just do my own thing here. Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate. I'm going places and that's all that matters.

I'll be filming my first real vlog on my next adventure with Jan. I'm really excited about it because we will be having our passports stamped so soon. And what's interesting about this is that it's going to be our first international trip together! And it even gets better because if the stars align and all goes well, we might have two international trips this year. Aaaargh! This is the setback when you have your plans laid. The waiting game kills. The days go by so painfully slow when you look forward to something, don't they? I seriously need to be preoccupied. Perhaps I could use the time to learn how to speak cat.

Anyway, we really do not have solid travel plans. But we've already booked a few domestic flights this year. We'll be heading north. And no, it's not going to be in Batanes because that would be our honeymoon destination (Jan didn't know about this until today. Haha). But norte is going to be as awesome as well.

We will also have small travels in between. Most probably around Mindanao. If my knee allows, I'm thinking of Mt. Lumot in Gingoog. If not, Asik-asik falls, Siargao, or Awao Falls will be just as great. Or if we're lucky to avail CebuPac's piso fare, we might find ourselves back in Iloilo and visit the beautiful Isla de Gigantes. Or perhaps, since AirAsia just opened a new route from Davao (DVO) to Puerto Princesa (PPS), we just might find ourselves basking under the Palawan sun. There are too many places to explore. Too many views to see. Who knows where our feet will take us next? Definitely somewhere amazing. :)

We want to conquer all 81 provinces in the Philippines and here are the places where we've been to so far:
J&S Project81

How about you? What are your travel plans and goals this year?


  1. Grabe to o. Relationship goals, travel goals, life goals ang peg. I can't wait to read or watch? about your first international trip with Jan!

    1. Haha. Ours is not even close para maging travel/relationship/life goals. Have you seen those travelers sa instagram? Yun talaga ang pang goals. Haha. Can't wait din for our first trip outside Pinas. ^_^

  2. wow! levl up nnga! good luck to you and ur love ms sarah!!!

  3. Got the point! If you're waiting for something, the days go slow. I think parehas tayo ng dream, haha if my guess is right. But I'm not good with speaking so vlogs will be harder for me. Tignan natin! Hahaha, ngayon palang "hiya" na ko. But I'll try when I get to Balabac Palawan, Bohol and Seoul this year!

    1. Kung parehas man tayo ng dream, APIR! Haha. Good luck sa atin. :) Wow, Seoul! One of the countries na ivivisit din namin. ^_^

  4. Replies
    1. Abangan. Please subscribe to my youtube channel because I'll be vlogging about it. Hahaha.