Singapore: My First World Refuge

As an Asian living in a third-world country, Singapore is definitely my first-world refuge. Here, you can experience fast and reliable internet connection, efficient transport system, clean streets, fresher air, and lower crime rates. Mind you, I was able to walk for more than an hour ALONE in the streets of Singapore at 3am just because I couldn't sleep. I decided to walk from our hotel to Mustafa Center just to pass time and tire myself. I came back still with complete limbs and 5 packs of chocolates. Yes, it is that safe. Although I would say I can do the same in Davao, the only difference is, Singapore is a hundred times more progressive.
Obligatory pose

Yes, life is definitely in Singapore. But it comes literally with a price. Singapore isn't cheap. It lives up to its reputation being a FINE CITY.  Fine law-abiding citizens, fine food, fine transpo, fine malls, fine streets, and yes, hefty fines. So if you think you can get away with a petty crime (even as light as jaywalking) just because you do not see a law enforcer around, think again.
Haji Lane ♥ Thank you so much Paymaya and Voyager Innovations for this cool bag! :)
I am glad Jan and I were able to discover and experience the fine things Singapore has to offer. Our goal is to travel more often and see the world and I'm glad we started off at Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore

Please stay tuned for our detailed itinerary in the incoming posts. For now, you just might want to watch my vlog. And if you like this video and want to see more of our travels, please subscribe to my channel. :)


  1. omg ito na nga! more vlogs please. nagenjoy ako! :)

  2. Nice sarj! Taas pero nalingaw ko. More vlogs pa bitaw! Ulawon ra kaayo ka diri. Igawas imong pagka best debater tong-una.

    1. Naaah. Strong ra pud to akong debater self. And kalimot na ko ana. Haha. Lagi, more vlogs. Meaning more travels, more money needed, more work. Haha