A Simple, Peaceful, and Romantic Getaway at Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan, Samal

Whew! That's a long title. But not as long as the road that we took just to get to this paradise.
Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal

Situated more than 40kms away from Babak, Samal, the Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan is not known to many (at least for me). I've never heard about this resort until Jan's office mates decided to have their quarterly event here. But for some reason, the event didn't push through - which could only mean, Jan and I ended up having the whole weekend all to ourselves!

Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal

And we definitely had a great time! This vlog will tell you so:

Anyway, here are some of our pictures because I am too lazy to put into writing every detail of our getaway (but if you watched the vlog, you will see almost everything about the resort and my feedback):
Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal
We can spend the whole day just chilling here on the hammock that's just under our tree house.
Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal
Hanging bridge
Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal
Our home for the weekend. A treehouse!

How to get there:

via Sta. Ana Wharf
- embark a boat to Kaputian (fare Php 60). The boat usually leaves on or before 12nn. So it is best if you get there before 12.
- ride a habal-habal from Kaputian port (fare Php 75/head)

if you plan to go back to Davao via Kaputian, please note that all boat rides going back to Davao is scheduled to depart at 8AM only.

via Sasa Wharf
- you can ride a jeepney going to the Sasa Wharf and embark at the barge (fare Php 10) going to Babak.
- from Babak, ride a habal-habal straight to the resort at Kaputian for Php 200/head.

via Bus
- you can ride a bus at Magsaysay (near Sta. Ana wharf) and alight at PeƱapalata.
- from PeƱaplata, ride a habal-habal going to the resort for Php 150/head.

or you can avail the resort's transportation services. You may contact them at:

Purok 1, Barangay Pangubatan, Kaputian District
Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte
Contact No: (082) 284-0168 / (082) 298-5582
                    0906-563-0057 / 0922-725-6163
Email: igrpangubatan@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/islandgardenresortinpangubatan
Island Garden in Pangubatan Samal
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  1. nangiinggit... walang forever oie!

    1. Wala ngang forever. Because forever is not enough for us to love each other. Haha! Go out and travel, dude. You need it. :)

  2. Kayo talaga ang #relationshipgoals! Ang cute ninyo. And you know your presence is known in the internet because may haters ka. Hehehe

  3. I love reading your blog and I enjoyed watching your vlogs. Ignore the haters. Just keep doing what you love doing. :)

  4. Hi Sarah. Nice resort. May I know how much is the entrance fee and the cottages as well for an overnight stay? :)

    1. We actually booked our room via Agoda (you get cheaper rates there). I don't really have info about the cottages for daytour. They take walk-in clients but only when the resort is not fully-booked. But they're usually fully-booked, so it's better that you reserve beforehand. You may contact them at the numbers posted above for exact rates. :)

    2. I see. Thanks for the info Ms. Sarah! More power to you! :)