Top Ten Summer Favorites

By Sarah Aterrado - May 21, 2017

This summer has been the summerest so far. The sweltering heat and my tan lines just said it all. But more than that, I was able to do a lot of things and see a lot of beautiful places.

Picture this... On the first day of April, I went beach bumming at Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan. Two weeks later, I completed a Basic Mountaineering Course, which includes camping, trekking, and rappelling. Then I went diving the whole day at the Taklobo Farm and Coral Gardens just a week after that. The next day, I found myself on a spontaneous road trip with friends and spent a day and a half riding the waves of Dahican. And then the week that followed got me more and more sun-kissed in El Nido. And since summer isn't over yet, this weekend was spent for a much needed rest and relaxation in Isla Reta. (Hashtag that QuotaKaNaSarah)

The last two months were the busiest and have gotten me overdosed with vitamin sea. But I definitely had a blast! And I think I enjoyed it even more because of these top ten favorites that have been rockin' my summer off.

1. Swimwear from Mermaid Catalogue
Swimwears are one of my guilty pleasures. I think I have more than what I need. And among all those rash guards, one-pieces, and tankinis that I have, this bikini has got to be one of my favorites:

El Nido, May 2017
When you have this kind of view, being toasted is the least of your concerns.
I love how it looks classy, sexy and wholesome at the same time. I got this from Mermaid Catalogue. And I swear, if only I have a lot of money, I would buy their entire collection - which is, by the way, also worn by celebrities and known bloggers and personalities. Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to look far for that perfect Instagrammable bikini without busting a budget. They are just within arms reach, ordering from their website is such a breeze.

2. Beach Mat from Fashionista Deals
I've been using a shawl as a mat or a cover up. But this time, I'm doing it with style. Just look how it adds life to my photos. This is definitely a must-have for beach bums like me. I might even use this in one of my hikes one day. :)
Isla Reta, May 2017
Weekends like this. ♥ 

3. Pino Tropika Brightening Plus Beauty Bar from My Skin Origins
I am not a fan of whitening. Why? Because most of my weekends involve basking under the sun. Kung wala ako sa bundok, nasa dagat po ako. Plus, I absolutely love my tan... but not the unevenness of it.

My tan lines are everywhere. Since my beach wear depends on my activities, some parts of my body are overly exposed to the sun while some parts look pale. With the kind of lifestyle that I have, I don't think my skin could ever stand the chance of going back to its original color.

But with Pino Tropika, my skin is recovering fast. It has lightened my skin faster than I expected. I do not plan on having an alabaster skin, but having an even-toned morena skin would be great. And what I love about this is that it's too gentle, I can use it on my face and on my skin that's still peeling from sunburn.
Dahican, May 2017
Had to work our charms for free surfing lessons and free use of surfboard. And it was a success! Pero ayan o, kakulay ko na ang Amihan boys. Sana kasing galing ko din sila.
4. Ecoskinlove Grape Seed Oil
I have never used any other face serum ever since I discovered Ecoskinlove Grapeseed Oil. With all those beach getaways that I have mentioned earlier, my face should have been dull and dry by now. But my face is giving a healthy and dewy glow instead. And I have the grape seed oil to thank. I love how it evens out my skin, lessens acne breakouts, and the best thing about this? It lightened the skin under my eyes. Nobody can really tell I only get 4 hours of sleep daily. ;)

5. Ecoskinlove Eco Balm
I think this is going to be my all-time favorite. I always bring this whenever I travel. I use this immediately after an insect bite and I never have to worry about the redness, dark spots, and scarring ever again.
I've been almost acne-free since I started using these all-natural skin care products (other than these and a baby powder, i don't use anything else on my face). And look, the tan lines on my wrist and sleeves are fading away. 
6. HairFood Co. Argan Oil
I love how my hair is naturally manageable, less frizzy, and smooth despite being frequently soaked in salty water and exposed under the sun. That's because I only use natural products for my hair and I protect it with argan oil. Did you know that I haven't combed my hair for months? Honestly, when I started using HairFood Co's Argain Oil for my hair, it has never been in contact with a comb.

7. Tribord (Decathlon) Aqua Shoes
Another beach essential for a beach addict like me! These shoes have saved my feet a number of times from cuts and injuries. I can enjoy those rocky shores and never have to worry about stepping on a sea urchin or something slimy in the sea. I even used this while we trekked and rappelled Tagbaobo Falls! In fairness, ang tibay nito! :)
Samal, April 2017
It's not really obvious what my favorite color is, is it?

8. Hammock from BaseKamp
I got this last year supposedly for our Bacolod trip. But it was only this summer when I was able to use it. I love how it can be easily packed and can be practically placed almost everywhere. I don't think I can ever do another beach getaway without bringing a hammock with me. It simply spells the word chill.
Mati, May 2017
Roadtrip + hammock party + sunburn + puffy face caused by seafood allergies = great weekend. Would love to do this over and over again. 
9. Amazon Kindle Fire + Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
Not a summer essential but I feel guilty I wasn't able to read a single book in 2017. And it was only a few days ago when I first purchased a book for this year. Plus, I finally got a Kindle! It's about time to pile up those TBRs again!
This could only mean more sleepless nights for me.
10. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81
This is just another case of a "well-deserved" impulse purchase. Haha. I bought these when I got unexpected bonuses from my clients. I love how it looks sporty and chic at the same time. Plus, it's really cute and comfy, I can wear it everywhere and walk with it for long periods (well, it better be for what I paid for).

I've been using (and abusing) this all throughout summer. I wear this pretty much everywhere. In my travels, big events, and even the last time I spoke in public. I think when I started having this, I do not know how to dress appropriately anymore. I'd pair anything with these shoes. Nakalimutan ko na yatang may iba pa akong sapatos.  Haha.
Travel and Leisure Expo Davao
Grateful for this opportunity to be a guest speaker during the TLEX at SMX Convention Center. I think I was way too under-dressed for this event. But hey, I got Onitsuka and that's not such a bad thing. Haha

How about you? What are your summer favorites? I’d love to know!

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  1. First of all, nangiingit ka. That beach body, the outings and hindi mo na kailangan magpaputi because you're already pretty, paano na lang kami? Second, I love the beach mat! How much would that be? Third, I checked out Mermaid Catalogue's website and they do have pretty swimwears. Fourth, I saw your public speaking vid. Halatang kabado but you did well. Kudos to you Miss Sarah! :)

    1. Hahaha. Hindi naman ako nangiinggit. Some of the brands I mentioned sent me items and this is my way of thanking them. But all of these are honest reviews. I don't review something if I don't like it. Not worth my time.

      As for the beach mat, I'm not sure how much that costs but you can check @fashionistadeals on Instagram.

      Yes, I love all of Mermaid Catalogue's designs! I have two of that and so far, magaganda ang quality ng swimwear nila.

      Kabado talaga. Hahaha. Thank you!

  2. Nice fave list! My fave summer stuff are good psycho-thriller books to read, a nice lemonade next to me in my jammies in an airconditioned room because here in Dubai, you'll get so toasted when it's summer :) And yes, a short trip to Europe where it's cooler completes my faves for summer.

  3. You definitely had a blast this summer huh? Good for you! Your body is perfect for the beach! You are right about the swimsuit it looks good on you. Also, I want to try those ecoskinlove products you are using as well as the argan oil for the hair. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I like that beach mat even though I'm not going to the beach any time soon. That argan oil is also very interesting. My daughter has hard to manage hair - dry at lagging fly away. I wonder if that will work for her? Will follow the link. Thanks.

  5. You are so pretty sis and I love your list. I didn't enjoy summer that much, puro work e. But hopefully matuloy outing namin this weekend.

  6. summer is my favorite! obvious naman siguro sa pangalan ko. gaganda ng collection ng mermaid catalogue. huhuhu. ecobalm user here since i saw your first review, ang bait ni Ms. G, namimigay ng freebies.

  7. Kapretty ba. Bagay ang bangs. Grabe ka busy sa summer. #travelgoals #bodygoals kaayo ka Sar.

  8. I'm so envious because you've done a lot of travelling this summer. :) One of my faves this summer is that I got to attend the first ever PlannerCon Manila. It was so much fun for us planner addicts. :) Too bad I didn't get to travel like you though.

  9. Sounds like you really have an awesome summer :D I like to try those beauty products. May I ask where did you buy those? :)

    1. Hello. You may follow the links the are on the post. :)

  10. You're pretty! My what a great summer you have! Bagay sayo and swimsuit gusto ko din subukan yung ecoskinlove. Nasubukan ko ang argan oil but not that brand. Ganda sha sa hair but its pricey!