How We Wreaked Havoc on Color Manila's Blacklight Run

I was one of the bloggers chosen to run for the recently held Color Manila's Blacklight Run because I am fit. Wait, let me state that accurately. They thought I was fit.

It has been what? Eight months since my last strenuous activity. I have a legitimate excuse though: my left knee is injured. I know I could've done better. But honestly, most of my days were spent warming my butt and knocking back beer bottles. I'd do a few workouts every now and then, only when I remember. And when I remember, only when I don't get lazy. And when I don't get lazy, only when I have the time - which is something I barely have because I kept myself preoccupied with non-productive tasks such as reading emotionally draining books and watching my cat lick his balls, trying to figure out when is his next attempt to kill me.

I still exercise. But nothing as strenuous as something that will make me drip in sweat. I don't sweat easily, so it takes a whole lot of intense workout before I get sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, mom's spaghetti.

Bottomline, I am not as fit as I'd like you to think I am.

But I chose to run because I know it's going to be fun. And it was helluva fun mainly for three reasons:

1. I've never ran at night before.
Except for the time when I was chasing a jeepney, trying to outrun others who also badly want to be home soon. That was no fun, but this was.
Before getting sweaty and duuurty! Themed kits: Leopard, Pirate, Fairy, and Super Hero (Photo by SP Gazmen)
2. I wore a pair of cat ears.
Although I would be have been more thrilled if I actually ran on a tutu skirt because the Leopard race kit comes with it but the media kit they gave didn't have one (freeloaders can't be choosers haha).
Start clean finish dirty. Haha
3. I was with my DBS family who, I think, has done damage to the image of the Davao Bloggers Society.
Photo courtesy of BR Productions
DBS fam
Hindi naman kami lasing pero nagkalat po kami doon. Our group was asked to join a dance showdown contest to which we agreed eagerly, bringing the name of the Davao Bloggers Society. The six of us (Jexx, Gem, Myth, Donn, and John) went up the stage and danced our hearts out. I was the one in front while others just followed my lead. We weren't prepared for this pero may lifting and pa-split pa kaming nalalaman.

We got carried away that a 20-second routine lasted a minute. You can sense the emcee was already trying to stop us. Haha. Apparently, we lost to a solo dancer. His courage and confidence trumped all of ours combined. He definitely deserves the win.
That's us on stage (right most), the lone dancer (left), and another group in the middle
A blast of colors under the blacklight.

This is my third color run. My first blacklight run for that matter. And it was a blast!

I have never actually ever paid for all my color runs since color run's prices go twice as much as the normal fun runs. But heck, it's triple the fun.

Thank you so much, Color Manila for bringing us the funnest (is this even a word?) of all fun runs, to the DBS Fam for making it extra fun, and of course, to Jan who was there taking photos behind the scenes and for being my baggage counter that night.

fun word count: 8
It was either that fun or I couldn't think of a better word. Haha