Photo Diary: Vigan's Calle Crisologo

I tried to be a regular blogger. Hence, the lame attempt to strike those blogger poses in the quaintest street I've ever been to: Calle Crisologo.

It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. So I thought it's a perfect time for photo ops while Jan and I wait for our tummies to go hungry again just after eating okoy and empanada. I'm not really the type who takes a lot of photos, let alone strike a pose. Like I always say, I don't have an ounce of talent for it. There were even times when Jan would ask me, "dili ka magpicture?" (are you not going to take pictures). Sometimes I would. Most of the time I wouldn't. But then I realize I need to breathe life into my Instagram account, my Facebook page, and this blog. Simply put, I just want to have an interesting online presence.

Jan is so supportive about this hooey and has been patiently taking my photos no matter how awkward and annoying it gets. He shows willingness to be one of them - you know, Instagram boyfriends - just so I can master the art of striking those blogger poses which isn't really beneficial to my life, his life, or to anyone's life. But for the love of blogging, social media, and let's just say, art... here goes...

And oh, please excuse the newbieness. 

Where na u? Dito na me. Sent via pigeon.
The street looks more dramatic when it rains.
This is how you take "buwis-buhay" photos in the past. Make it quick or you'll be run over by the calesa.
I love this guy.
Old meets the new
Charming. :)
I think I have this thing for doors.
Calle Crisologo at sundown.
So how did we do?

Weapon of Choice (as if I have a choice haha): Nikon Coolpix s7000 Point and Shoot Camera

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  1. gwapaaaaahaaa! hayahaya bayhana. latagaw na kai ka.

  2. ganda! pwedeng-pwede ka mag model! i wish will be able to go there also.

  3. beautiful place, beautiful pictures, beautiful you. :)

  4. And do you ever wonder why your slideshow seems so bland compared to other professional looking photo slideshows